Monday, 26 March 2012

Dream traveller: Here's my wish

It's Monday and I'm reading the Sunday newspapers. Actually, just the stuff in the middle. I'm a little in love with the supplements/magazines. I'll probably finish reading them on Wednesday. I might re-read them on Thursday - just the really good bits.

Right now it's the travel section that's piqued my interest.

I'm dreaming of Africa. The landscape and a safari. I'm wondering if I'll ever go. Probably not. Africa isn't top of my list, but I desperately want to keep her in my dreams.

I'm dreaming of Bali, rice paddy fields and yoga. I want the yoga-at-a-destination-unknown part to be my reality. Sooner than later.

Then comes Peru. I can see the sights of Machu Picchu in my imagination. And I want to be there. It's my favourite dream. I pray it doesn't stay that way.

But mainly, I'm dreaming of holidays gone by. Doing it all again, but much slower. Without a strict agenda. Moving in time with my heart.

This time I want to explore the maze-like pathways of Venice looking out at the murky mysterious water. And not worry about getting lost.

I want to shop in Milan without constantly thinking about the exchange rate. Just for a day. 

Take me here: Lipari's St Bartholomew Cathedral
{pic by me}

I want to take my time as I pray with my eyes open in Lipari's St Bartholomew Cathedral.

I want to sunbake on the black sand beach of Stromboli and not care to brush the sand off my body when I get up.

I want to meditate on the rocks of Alicudi. I want my Nonna to come with me.

I want to lie on the grass in Hyde Park and not get up 'til the night calls. 

And when I next climb the Eiffel Tower and look out at the picturesque city below, I want to make a wish.

More than one. A wish for me. A wish for each of my girls.

A wish for all of us - that we all get to explore the world with time on our side, and at the pace of our heart.

Elisa xx

Where do you dream of travelling to?



  1. Ah, to dream...
    I'd love to travel somewhere like Croatia or the Greek Isles. Bliss!

  2. I'll join you on Stromboli, that island makes my heart sing...

    Love genna

  3. *Sigh* - me too, Elisa! Unfortunately, our mortgage has other plans :)

  4. I'd go for the Greek islands also! Luckily i'm off to Barcelona for a work trip in May (still can't believe my luck!) stopping in the US on the way but it will be a whirlwind two weeks so I definitely appreciate the thought of not having to worry about time or exchange rates!!

    ps I totally get what you mean about the supplementary/magazine parts of the paper. They are by-far my favourite and what I go to first!

  5. @My Mummy daze - They're on my list too!
    @Genna - that would be a dream come true xx
    @Sally - Know the feeling! Let's keep dreaming though! :)
    @Jess Frost - Enjoy your work trip - that sounds amazing! Yay to another middle-parts-of-the-paper lover! I read them first too!

  6. I do that too with the Sunday paper. It utterly annoys my partner, dividing each section then taking what I like.

    I dream of South America too. I always am mistaken for being a Mexican or Brazilian so I might as well start there.


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