Saturday, 24 March 2012

Technology killed my memories

I found a floppy disk, and it got me thinking. Can you remember floppy disks? Before USB sticks, before memory cards. They were popular when you used your mobile phone solely to make phone calls. They looked like this. I actually found four.

Long gone: Remember these? {pic by me}

I was intrigued to see what was lurking inside. My guess was final year of secondary school assignments, maybe some creative writing, but it felt like a little treasured moment caught in time. A disk full of memories. So I went to the PC to pop it in... and well, no that wasn't going to happen. Nowhere to insert my floppy disk because they are long gone... just like... well I'm not sure what. Because film cameras still work, Polaroid cameras have made a comeback and you can still listen to a tape deck, and even phones with cords and without a touch number pad still work... But floppy disks? They just didn't make the cut. And my little treasured memory keeper? It's buried treasure now.

But yes this has all got me thinking. About how technology has progressed in the past 10 years when a floppy disk was precious. And it's made me wonder what technology today's children will know as normal... and what pieces of technology they will never know at all.

And will we miss the old technology? Or is it all for the better?

There's no denying the USB outranks the floppy. But there's one thing that I still feel nostalgic about - the film camera. I miss them. Always taking two photos, just in case someone blinked the first time. And that wait for your photos to be processed, the element of suspense when you wondered if you got the perfect shot. And the sense of elation when you saw your photos for the first time. Remember? I miss that.

Sometimes I wish time could stand still, so we could take it all in. Enough of the updating gadgets every six months. Let's just enjoy what we have right here, right now. Just don't take away my smartphone.

Elisa xx

What technology can't you live without?


  1. Hi Elisa - yes I often feel like it's all passing me by..and am sure the boys will know far more than I ever did by the time they are 6. (eek!) However, I have just acquired a 'new' version of an 'old' camera where you do just point, click and wait for the film to be developed. Of course I still have the digital, but can't wait to see all the wonky, unsmiling pics I manage to capture on 35mm film!

  2. Jen, How great that your boys will get to experiencing film and digital! I must remember to show my girls too when they're a little older xx

  3. Love the post, especially the 'don't take away my smartphone'. I worry i'm increasingly addicted to my iphone each day :P

    I also have a really strong desire to get an old DSLR to use and actually develop the film and everything just how to fit that in our tiny 2 bedroom apartment?

  4. Jess, I am most definitely addicted to my smartphone :)


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