Saturday, 14 April 2012

The best part of today is you

Today I got lost in your laughter.
It's all I could hear and all I could see.
It looked like a melody, and it felt like bliss.

Today I held you in front of the mirror.
I smiled at your smile, and you smiled at mine.
It looked like sunshine, and it felt like love.

Today I was loved unconditionally.
Little hands in mine that didn't let go.
It looked like warmth, and it felt like joy.

Today I watched you play with your baby sister.
Gentle hands showing her what to do.
It looked like wonder, and it felt like awe.

Today I'm feeling extra grateful.
For a little girl who whispers I love you {and screams it too}.
She looks like beautiful, and she feels like you.

{Written yesterday for my little miss two. One day I hope she reads this, and is reminded of how much I adore her and how blessed I feel to be her mum.}

Elisa xx

{Linking with Kidspot's 52 weeks of Grateful, hosted by Maxabella Loves}

{Image by Sam Natoli Photography}


  1. Just beautiful, such lovely words, bring tears to my eyes. When they are constantly arguing with you as they get older, the times when they are still and want to be held are so precious. Xo

  2. that's beautiful Elisa....she is very lucky to have a gorgeous mum like you! Aunty Jackie.xx

  3. Beautiful! I'm sure your daughter will love it one day.


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