Sunday, 1 April 2012

I love you, I miss you, and I want more.


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You are the one thing I desperately miss,
but back then I didn't even really hold you in high regard.
I'm sorry I never realised how wonderful you are.
You make me feel so good - bright, energetic, happier even.
I wish I hadn't been so flippant about you.
I thought you were nice on Sundays,
and I got frustrated with you on work mornings.
At night I took you for granted.
I'm sorry because now you're often in my thoughts.
I daydream about you, and I wish for you.
I'm waiting for you to return.
Because right now, beautiful Sleep, you're all I can think about.
I love you, I miss you, and I want more.

Elisa xx

Did you get eight hours' blissful shut-eye last night?

{Daylight savings ended in our corner of the world, and no, I didn't sneak in an extra hour sleep! Try seven hours with two toddler interruptions and feeding the baby in between... and so, I'm dreaming a little dream about sleep!}


  1. When I was in Sydney, I sat next to two early-twenties-ish girls, & they were talking about how exhausted they were as they'd only got 7 hours sleep the night prior.

    I wanted to throttle them.

    Is that terrible?!?! ;)


    Sleep deprived mama here also :) xx

  2. Cherie, Haha! I would have wanted to do the same :) 7 hours sleep in a row sounds like absolute bliss to me!! xx

  3. I am blessed to have has 9 1/2hrs because of the time change last night and it was bliss! I think of it as a little blessing from God to cope with the heartache of my fertility issues!

  4. Make the most of it Jess! :) I wish for things to change for you very soon xx

  5. Great post, Elisa. I am really looking forward to being a mum one day, but sleep deprivation is the one thing I'm really dreading. I don't know how you amazing mamas do it! xo

  6. Thanks Sally :) The sleep deprivation is horrible, but not forever (but feels like it when you're going thru it!). All worth it though, I promise! xx

  7. I know how you feel! In between various little boy illnesses and midnight toilet trips, I can just about manage an hour or two of sleep at a time. C'est la vie I suppose, it won't last forever!!! Hope you get a bit more shut eye tonight x

  8. Thanks Jen. Hope you get a great stretch of sleep too xx

  9. What a wonderful ode to sleep - I hope you're happily reunited ASAP.



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