Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's the colour of yellow tulips

Gratitude keeps surprising me. I think it's waiting for me while I sleep.

I keep thinking about it. And w
hen I'm not thinking about it, I feel it.

Until recently, I cringed at gratitude. Because I didn't think I did grateful well.

So I put gratitude (together with effortlessness, calm and wonder) out there into the cosmos, in the hope it would find me.

And now I'm writing about gratitude, in the hope it will become me.

In the hope I will soon happily call myself effortlessly grateful.

For today, I'm meditating on what grateful is to me...

Grateful is the colour of yellow tulips.
Grateful is accepting the compliment.
Grateful is saying thank you, before you help me out.
Grateful is not looking away from my reflection in the mirror.
Grateful is I love you.
Grateful is appreciating the meal before the first bite.
Grateful is handwritten thank-you notes.
Grateful is asking how are you?, when I know the answer.
Grateful is the sound of laughter.
Grateful is breathing in fresh air, and then smiling at it.
Grateful is thinking I'd be lost without you, and then saying it.

Elisa xx

{Linking with Kidspot's 52 weeks of Grateful, hosted by Maxabella Loves}

{image via Stockvault}

What does grateful mean to you?

{Please do add to my list of gratefuls xx} 


  1. I love Maxabella's grateful idea. You've reminded me to get back on the bandwagon as I've been slack the last few weeks. Great post and a lovely list of things to be grateful for. x

  2. Anna, It's such a wonderful idea. I'm grateful for it! Look forward to reading your grateful post xx

  3. I think you're doing grateful wonderfully - this is a fab list

  4. Oh I love this Elisa! (And I love tulips, and yellow). Great grateful post.

  5. @Ally, thank you! Working on it :)

    @Happylan, thanks so much! tulips are one of my favourites too xx

  6. I think you've got the hang of it if you're grateful for gratitude.

    A wonderful list and a fabulous way to meet you.

    Happy day!

  7. Great post - what a wonderful variety of things to be grateful for. I think sometimes gratefulness comes easily, sometimes it's hard to find.

  8. wow....I share the love of Yellow tulips with u Elissa..and ur baby is shoo adorable!!!:)
    lovely post. i love hand written notes:)

    PS: Are you by any chance on Postcrossing ( a site where random ppl in the world send each other postcards) I'd like to send you one:)
    if u are interested in getting one from New Delhi..lemme know on my blog:) or mail me:)

    Happy Weekend
    Yarn of words:)

  9. Tulips are my favourite flowers and those are so beautiful.

  10. @Felicity - thank you xx

    @Melissa - definitely!

    @Aakriti - thank you - that's so sweet of you. Afraid I don't use postcrossing though.

    @Tat - Me too!

  11. Your post echoes so many of my own thoughts. I too hope that gratitude will become me. I've just started to join in with Maxabella's grateful link up, and it's still not coming naturally to me. I hope to be dreaming grateful soon.

  12. Elisa, I think you're one of our recent 'good finds' on the Grateful linky. You write your train of thought so well and it's all rather inspiring. Dreaming about being grateful has got to be the best dream!! x


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