Sunday, 15 April 2012

Little fragments of bliss {on a Sunday}

{Bliss: Sunshine, you warm me from within}

Today I'm basking in the bliss of the little things...

Sunny days in mid April {I'm not ready for you, rain}

Two beautiful babies sleeping simultaneously {perfectly timed and oh-so-divine}

The feel of sunshine heating my hair and skin {you warm me from within}

Drinking a cup of freshly-squeezed lemon tea {while it's hot}

Five minutes to lie outside in the grass alone {and to slow down all those thoughts}

Feeling renewed, refreshed and alive {after two days of sick}

Eating a late breakfast {and taking the time to taste each bite}

A baby that is soothed back to sleep with a gentle rub of her forehead {how I love to touch your delicate skin}

Reading the Sunday newspapers on a Sunday {and feeling inspired}

The sound of silence as I've come to know it {with a background of the clock's tick-tock, an on-off hum from the fridge, a distant lawnmower buzzing purposefully, the chirping of bubbly birds, the bliss of two babes asleep, and the sound of my fingers pedalling the keyboard}

Elisa xx

How does your Sunday go? {I so hope it includes moments of bliss}


  1. Peaceful, simple, wholesome, blissful.

    Happy week ahead!

  2. I feel so calmed reading this
    Glad you made good use of that precious time...I could never manage it with my two (and then there were three!)


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