Thursday, 26 April 2012

On the eve of something new

In two days I turn 30. Thirty. Thirt-eeee.

I keep rolling the word around on my tongue. And it gets a little stuck.

I thought my feelings were neither here nor there about 3-0.

But I do feel something.  

It feels like I'm on the eve of something new.

Like on a humid and hot day, when you step outside and feel a cool breeze sweep past you. 30 feels like that. Refreshing. Like a change is coming.

I think {hope} 30 will be lighter, brighter and full of new opportunities.

I think {hope} 30 will see a better {bolder, balanced, blissful} me come to the surface.

So I bid an early goodbye to my twenties and I say thank you {for all the lessons, for the births of my girls, for showing me I am supported, for teaching me what balanced and healthy is, for introducing me to meditation and reconnecting me with that place inside where my spirit resides}

And with a gentle smile, I say a big hello and offer a wondrous welcome to 30. Life feels good.

Elisa xx

{I chose this image because it symbolises the best part of my twenties - being able to welcome two beautiful healthy babies into the world. But also, it's taken at the beach - one of my favourite places to be. Image by Sam Natoli Photography}

When were you last on the eve of something new?


  1. Doesn't time just fly? Wishing you a wonderful birthday. xo

  2. Your birth was the eve of something new for us -parenthood! It brought our love to a new meaning. Each birth of our children did that too. And the birth of our beautiful grandchildren..... Beyond words. Happy birthday beautiful girl wishing you abundant blessings for the 30's and always love mum and dad x

  3. Happy birthday to you for Saturday! For me thirty was the best year yet .... got married, had my first child and was just in my element.

    I gave you a bloggy award today, check it out :)

  4. happy 30th birthday! 30 is the new 20 anyway x


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