Friday, 6 April 2012

A wish, a want, a hope, a list.

So the Easter long weekend has begun, and I’m happy to say it’s off to a beautiful glorious sun-shining start. And already some of my wishes have come true.

Late yesterday afternoon I noticed the full moon staring at me, and {as this is a sight I love to see} I made a wish. Actually I made a whole stack of wishes, and then I realised they were wants, and hopes. And suddenly I had a list {I’m very good at lists}. And here it is...

I wish for a weekend of family
{especially stay-at-home time with my little family of four}
I wish for a weekend of yummy gluten-free food {mainly pasta, actually}
I wish for a long peaceful walk towards the beach
{with the sun shining down on me}
I wish for a chance to show my little miss two the stars at night
{please universe, give me a clear sky}
I wish for a block of dark chocolate {from my husband, because I’ve given up chocolate but it doesn’t count when it’s a gift}
I wish for a sleep-in {come on baby girls – a 6.30am wake-up call would be divine}
I wish for a little one-on-one time with my littlest sis
{I smile a lot more in her company}
I wish for a little world-clock wonder and timing to align so I may speak with my travel-adventure mum, dad and middle sis {that would be magic}.

I hope you get all your weekend wishes and more.

Elisa xx
{image from Mooo - check out their free Easter printables here}

What do you wish {hope or want} for this weekend?


  1. I smile a lot more in your company too, you are everything to me, my support, my guidance, my best friend. I love you heaps biggest sister.

    Gen xxx

  2. They sound like lovely wishes to me! Happy Easter to you and your family...and I hope you get the dark chocolate (I wished for that too :D )

  3. These are wonderful wishes - I loved reading through them. I hope that they come true this weekend!

  4. @Jess - I got my dark choc! Hope you did too!

    @Rebecca - thank you, great wknd & most of my wishes did come true :)


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