Friday, 18 May 2012

In my little girl's eyes

Motherhood is good for my ego. There you go, I've said it.

I've wanted to say it for ages. But the ego! With all my meditation and better health focus, I should be steering clear of my ego, breaking away from it, right?

But my babies are doing such a good job of boosting this mama up!

Because in my little girl's eyes, nobody* compares to me...

In my little girl's eyes, I've got the moves on the {Hi-5} dance floor {in truth, I still can't tell my left from right, but spinning, twists and turns will hide that from a toddler, and tone your body at the same time!}

In my little girl's eyes, my cuddles are the most amazing and essential for sleep {particularly the under the covers, let-me-strangle-you-mum-in-the-name-of-a-hug version}.

In my little girl's eyes, I am hilariously funny {every single one of my jokes ends in side-splitting, on-the-floor laughter. I'm that good!}

In my little girl's eyes, I can sing like no other {This is true, but I also am most-definitely tone deaf, and I'm thinking perhaps it's genetic?}

In my little girl's eyes, holding my hand means safe and comfort and love all in one {I know this because I see it in her smiling cherub face looking up at me}.

In my little girl's eyes, I'm always wanted {for reading, playing, rolling, jumping, sliding, running, walking, skipping, building towers, trying on my high heels, pouring milk and sharing hummus and crackers - every single one, all the time}.

Motherhood is boosting my ego - I'm so much fun to be around, so easy to love, absolutely hilarious, the best friend ever, brilliant at so many hard-to-do {for a toddler} things. And I'm wanted at all times {because I'm every one of these}.

This week I got a little mama cranky pants at being wanted for everything all the time. And I should be cherishing it. Every little part of it.

I sat back and sat still {once my babies were asleep} and realised that while I'm all these things now, I most definitely won't be all these forever - not in my little girl's eyes. And I know when the time comes that will crush me, and this ego will land back down on the ground {most likely with a thud}.

So for now, I'm grateful for a bolstered ego, and a little girl who thinks I'm all that, and more!

Elisa xx

{* until her daddy comes home from work!}

{Linking with a whole lot more gratitude over at Kidspot's 52 weeks of Grateful}

{image by me}

So, how's your ego travelling? And what are you grateful for this week?


  1. This is lovely. I think we should all look at ourselves through our children's eyes more often :)

  2. what a lovely post Elisa!
    you know what, it's true, we are everything to our little beings & I love every little moment of it.
    they change so quickly so whilst we are their whole world let's enjoy it.

    thanks for making me smile ♥

  3. What a beautiful post. Motherhood sure is a beautiful thing ;)

  4. Beautiful! I also get an ego boost from the unconditional love and way my kids look at me - they think i know everything and can do everything wonderfully - and fro those few moments I guess i feel that way too.

  5. What a lovely post. There is nothing wrong with a little ego boost :) But I agree the "thud" is going to very hard.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh that's so true. Thanks for the reminder at how adored us Mums really are! x

  7. just lovely ... if we had the trust luv and innocence of a child life would be so much easier ...

  8. love it! we certainly are the world and more to the munchkins x

  9. This is a lovely post! Enjoy it while it lasts, as there will quite likely come a time when everything changes!

    Teenagers don't seem to think so highly of their parents, but I am pleased to report that once they reach adulthood, parents become 'cool' again. :-)

  10. I was thinking about this last night when I was lying with my kids before they went to sleep and I was trying to drag myself out of bed to do some work. It just felt so lovely cuddling next to little people who love you unconditionally!

  11. This post just gave me the biggest smile. I just wish everyone in the world would see me the way my little boys do. xxx

  12. What a beauitful photo.

    I had to laugh - I am it and a bit to my little girl too.... until Daddy gets home also. Little girls and their daddys :)

  13. She's beautiful, and so are you. Y'know, I've never given parenthood the credit it deserves for the ego bost. You are so right!! x

  14. @Happylan - you are so right - we should look at ourselves through our children's eyes much more often
    @Cathie - they sure do change quickly, trying so much to lap up all the moments! x
    @Noelani - thank you x
    @Kim - not looking forward to the thud! But I'll take the ego boost for as long as I can! x
    @anna - I agree. We can learn so much from our little people! x
    @Lisa H - thank you! I like that it all gets back to good in the end! x
    @Tat - so beautiful! Being loved unconditionally is such an amazing feeling x
    @Kylie - I have two daddy's girls here! x
    @Maxabella - thank you! Loving the ego boost! :)


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