Friday, 11 May 2012

Living a dream

I could make an endless list of all the little things I dream of sharing with my girls.

Some of these I've been thinking and wondering about for a long while now.

All the beautiful places I want to show with my girls {when the time is right}.

The moments I dream about us sharing together {when the time is right}.

The little things I want to teach them {when the time is right}.

This week I made now our time and began living some of the moments I've dreamt of sharing with Grace & Eve.

We saluted the sun {a yoga sequence} together. Little miss two copying thoughtfully, and baby seven months giggling as I tickled her tummy while I gracefully swept through the movements.

Little miss two and I held each other close in the backyard at night searching the sky for the moon. We smiled together at the moon.

On a cold and windy day we went to the beach to admire the waves crashing and rolling in. We laughed as the wind pushed our hair against our face and brushed our cheeks leaving us a little breathless. Little miss two was mesmerised by the water's movements. I was mesmerised by her, caught in her excitement and wonder I forgot to watch the waves.

This week I'm grateful I began living my dreams. Little as they may seem, to me these moments feel big, inspired and wonder-full.

Elisa xx

What are you feeling grateful for this week?

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  1. You are very smart to consciously be making these kinds of memories. The memories you 'dreamed of'... they don't always just organically happen, do they? It all sounds really special and these are the moments your girls will dream of too. x

  2. Such beautiful moments, thanks for the reminder to visit the beach in winter too. It's amazing when it's stormy and wild, or dark and still. My daughter would love to experience that.

  3. this is such a beautiful post and reminds me that I should be present more often. Precious moments x

  4. if you wait for the time to be right... sometimes you might be waiting for a long time. Well-done for taking control of your dreams and making them happen!

  5. Its all about carpe diem isn't it??!!
    Lovely post as usual

  6. Lovely, Elisa. So important to do this as mums, isn't it? Happy weekend to you x

  7. I love passing on the things I love and showing my children the wonder of the world. Happy Mother's Day to you for tomorrow.

  8. @Maxabella I so hope these are the moments they will remember :) and yes, I think sometimes we can make dreams happen, and the real life moments are just as good xx

    @Kylie beach in winter is my favorite!

    @lipgloss mumma @tat thank you xx

    @ally @Kim very much so! Xx

    @Melissa so precious! Thank you xx

  9. A beautiful post... there is so much we put off and you have provided a reminder that sometime we just need to get on with it. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow.

  10. :) thanks for coming to say hello at my little blog and for kind and thoughtful words x

  11. This makes me I was experiencing this for myself. A beautiful reminder that I need to just STOP once in a while. I once meditated, and did yoga and pilates...lately I just feel that there's too much else to do, I wish I could just relax and find this for myself feels easier said than done. Ohhh, but how Living near a beach would make it all the more easier.

  12. @Ali thank you. I think so too xx
    @Lauren - thanks for popping over! xx
    @Rachael - Being close to the beach certainly makes a spot of time-out easier! I hope you find your yoga/pilates/meditation space again soon - my life is so much sweeter when I include them xx


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