Sunday, 13 May 2012

Looking at you, when you're not looking at me

I had a relaxed Mother's Day. No running around like a crazy woman. Like a few of my recent days. And like most of my other Mother's Days. It was just what I wanted, exactly what I needed.

There was a big breakfast at home, a nap during the day, cuddles in the bed, tickling and laughter, giggles and baby babble, surprise roses and my husband's always-perfect roast for dinner.

It was my first Mother's Day with my littlest girl. And I spent a lot of today, just watching her - her smiles at her big sister, her 'dada' squeals at her father, her concentration as she willed her body to reach reach reach for her sister's toy blocks, her look of surprise as she rolled over when she reached that little too far.

I spent a lot of today just cherishing my two little girls from near and afar. And looking at them when they weren't looking at me.

I was a little in awe at their beauty, their love, their happiness, their soft skin, their giggles, their touch. And I kept thinking, "Wow, they're ours".

I tried to explain this to my husband, but he didn't need to talk or think about it, he just gets it.

Today looking at them when they weren't looking at me left me a little breathless. Breathless, and in awe, and in gratitude. Because these two little girls make my days {and sometimes break them too}, they've showed me a pure love {I didn't know existed}, and they challenge me to be a better me {every single day}.

Elisa xx


  1. So glad to hear how BEAUTIFUL your mothers day was.. x

  2. Oh hun so glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day and enjoyed your first with your most gorgeous littlest bub xxx

  3. Ah, that sounds wonderful.
    I ran around like a blue-arse fly visiting family near and far. But I am blessed to have so much loving family... right? ;P

  4. yes, yes and yes!
    I hear you and I get it
    And I had a similar day - yay!

  5. @Karen - thank you! I hope your day was blissful xx
    @Sonia - Thank you! So special with my littlest bubba! Hope your day was beautiful too xx
    @Kylie - my special occasion days are normally busy like that too! The quiet was a blissful rarity! Hope your Mother's Day was lovely, and hope you get some quiet this weekend! xx
    @Ally - I thought you may get it :) I'm so glad you had a similar day! xx

  6. lovely post! hope you had a wonderful mother's day! Thank you for visiting. Here is the website for the house we have, not sure where Sweet P's Godmother got it, but I'm sure it's available online! It was shipped to our house. :)

  7. Such a lovely post. It sounds like a day of perfection. So happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  8. @TheIowaFarmer'sWife - thank you! My little girl would love the house! x
    @Kim - it was a perfect day, thank you. Hope yours was a wonderful day too x


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