Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Today in a whirlwind

Today every step forward has involved a side-step {hop and jump} before taking another step in the right direction.

Two hours to get out the door {halted by a toddler tantrum, three nappy changes and a missing shoe}.

And then when we finally ventured beyond home I jammed my finger in the pram {the same pram I open with ease every single day}.

Back at home I soothed a baby to sleep with a cuddle and feed, then three minutes of quiet, and a defiant little miss two wakes.

Soon I find a mosaic of shredded cheese and sultanas on the carpet, cleaned up just before the next mess {yoghurt and a trail of toast crumbs} arrives.

I'm confident I've spent half the day bent over {with my butt in the air} picking bits and pieces and mess off the floor.

I'm half frazzled, half dizzy {and wishing dinner could cook itself}.

That's how today goes {so far}, with a feeling of I'm not getting anything done, or close to the end of today's to-do list.

So I've made a done list - a list of everything I have achieved today {even if most of it was a side-step and never made the original list}.

Looking at this list makes me see I've actually accomplished something on a bumbling mess of a Tuesday {even if it includes rescuing a toddler who got stuck inside a seven month old's toy}.

So despite a whirlwind day, it turns out I've done quite a bit. And now I'm off to have a cup of tea {shared with little miss two, of course}.

Elisa xx

Are you a to-do list person? And do you have days when it feels like all you do is pick mess up off the floor?


  1. I TOTALLY feel your frazzle! it's sad when my day at work is now my day "off" haha xx

  2. I'm having a lot of those days lately...My son has a mad case of the terrible two's ATM. Don't get me started on leaving the house...what should take 5 minutes, takes 50 mintutes...and no matter how much I factor this in, we are ALWAYS late! Yup! Feeling very frazzled myself...hoping a nice dose of red meat and veggies for dinner tonight gives me a much needed boost of energy.

    I've only just (properly) started following your blog over the last few days (thank you bloglovin'!) I've loved reading through your posts, your writing is so lovely to read =)

    Rachael xx

  3. @Jacklovesjosie Oh the frazzle - it hurts! Hoping tomorrow is a calmer day for both of us! xx

    @Rachael - Takes me forever to get out of the house too! 20 mins just to pile all three of us into the car actually! :) And thanks so much for following along. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! xx

  4. A well deserved cup of tea no doubt!

  5. Oh Elisa I'm feeling for you. I still have those sorts of days lately but not due to bubbas and littlies. It doesn't seem to end no matter what stage of life we're in. I think it all starts when we have kidlets and then the calm and serenity never, ever returns!! Hahahaha - have to laugh - it's better than the alternative. x

  6. @Kim H - I agree laughing is the answer! :) I had a good laugh... the day after! xx


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