Monday, 7 May 2012

What are you waiting for?

 It's only just struck me that I'm waiting.

I have been waiting.

I wait. And I do it really well.

I thought I was the resident live-in-the-now make-the-most-of-today optimist in this home.

Well, to some extent I am all that, but it turns out I'm also loving life in a comfort zone, waiting for another chance, the perfect time, for things to look brighter, for life to give me another sign before I make a change.

I'm not happy about this revelation. I don't want to be Mrs Wait.

Because waiting for me, isn't really waiting at all. It's putting things off, it's casting things aside, it's about keeping things safe and simple.

Time for this mama to step up, step outside, face her fears, and live more fully. I may go slowly, but I will go, one little step one moment at a time.

Elisa xx

{Some things are worth waiting for, but this kind of waiting isn't really waiting. It's fear. I first acknowledged this almost two months ago after being asked, "What are you waiting for?" on hitting the publish button on this blog. I had no answer. I was just waiting, because waiting was comfortable. And waiting was fear of the unknown, and fear of not being good enough. Just plain old fear gift-wrapped as waiting. And that's when I realised this kind of waiting is what keeps dreams forever dreams, and wishes forever wishes.}

{I've recently enrolled little miss two in music and movement classes - she loves it! And I've headed back to pilates, and hopefully soon yoga too. We've stopped waiting for a better time... we're making now our time. It feels good.}

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Do you prefer to play things safe and stick to your comfort zone? Or do you make changes and try things new?


  1. "keeps dreams forever dreams, and wishes forever wishes"

    I love these words

  2. good for you! lately i've been doing the same thing but you've inspired me to do the something about it!!!

  3. What a great post. Waiting is sometimes just procrastination, but it is so hard to step out of our comfort zone. Thanks for reminding me x

  4. Good for you Elisa, I love to hear these stories, stepping outside your comfort zone is so rewarding but an easy trap to stay in also.

  5. @myninetypercent - thank you! Best wishes to you xx

    @lipglossmumma - yes procrastination too! That first step is always the hardest xx

    @Karla - thank you! So rewarding! xx

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