Sunday, 10 June 2012

Go and stop. Stop and go.

On Monday I felt amazing. Connected. Excited. {On the eve of something new}.

So I busied about with purpose, setting goals and making wishes {and embarking on projects new}.

By Wednesday, I was brimming with purpose, achievement and anticipation. {Finally ready to take the first steps on project change}.

By the night my head was hazy and throat sore {and my mind filled with dreams of sleep}.

Sleep arrived in one-hour bursts {slumber broken by a teething baby and crying toddler}.

Then morning came and the day felt like it should be night {the excitement of Monday a faded memory}.

On Friday I sat gazing at a journal filled with projects, hopes, goals and actions {questions and dreams}.

I wanted to feel the passion and desire to create, learn and share {to take a chance and dream something new} that I felt when all those ideas were put on paper days before.

But all I could think of was sleep {so sleep, rest and going slow is what I did}.

This weekend I've still been moving slowly, and trying to go gently too.

And I've reminded myself that time is on my side {not everything needs to be done right away}.

And with another day ending and a new week almost here I've realised I will conquer all those dreams and projects.

And I will arrive where I want to go {in time, and in the end}.

Elisa xx

Ever get excited about starting something new, then life halts you in your tracks?


  1. Oh Yes!!

    Elisa this post is lovely, a gentle reminder of what to do and think when things don't work out the way we planned. It happens to us all. xxoo

    1. Thank you Julie. Glad for the go gently reminder, not so much loving it's delivery as a cold :) xx

  2. It feels so strange when this happens - one day full of energy and bounce then a day (or night) that goes awry and you can feel completely the opposite and shattered.

    take care,

    Nina xx

    1. Thanks Nina - it sure does feel strange, one extreme to the other xx

  3. Oh I so know how you feel Elisa, and yes you are right, we often need to remind ourselves not everything needs to be (or can be) done right now. Without fail I dream of what 'can be done' almost every night before I go to bed, only to become consumed by 'life' when I wake up the next morning, it just (gets in the way) happens! Glad we both know that One Day, we will arrive just where we want to go. x

    1. Thank you Jen! We're not alone :) We will get there, and it will be beautiful xx

  4. What a lovely post. I need this reminder often.


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