Thursday, 21 June 2012

Love and a pink sky

I like the sky best when it shines pink.

A blazing pink skimming across white clouds stretched out on the canvas of a blue sky.

I thought pink skies were reserved for summer nights but lately it's on the chilliest winter days {at morning and night} that the sky has been amazing me.

I showed my little girl the pink sky this week. She called it pretty.

I told her I love her and that pretty pink in the sky symbolised all the love in this world.

That's what I believed when I was little.

I'm a dreamer, I know.

Elisa xx

Pink, blue, white or grey skies - what's your favourite?


  1. I tried to take a photo of the sky this morning, but it didn't turn out as nice as yours. The sky here has been pink at night and in the morning too.
    I love blue skies. I love blue skies with an occasional white cloud. I love rainy grey skies when we need rain. I love sunsets. Now I love pink skies now that I know the pink symbolises all the love in the world. No, you're not a dreamer, just a lovely mumma. xxoo

  2. Loving the pink sky's of late myself...such a treat in these cooler months xx

  3. Pretty pink skies during winter don't make it appear as cold as what it really is. We couldn't see any sky here until 8 as we were surrounded by such dense fog - my kids loved it. Beautiful photo :) nx

  4. Beautiful. And what a lovely idea to gift to your daughter. Every pink sky shows just how much love there is in the world. Awesome. Steal! x Jacs

  5. That is absolutely lovely! The best kind of sunsets are the colorful ones for sure, and I'm super partial to purple ones.

  6. I love the sky when it's like this. I always try to take photos, too, and my photos are never as good as the real thing!

  7. A beautiful dreamer!!
    Blue skies always cheer me.. that clear Aussie blue you don't see anywhere else...but piink is lovely too though

  8. I'll take one in every colour!

    I do love the romantic light that a pink sky produces. It's magical! x


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