Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The quiet

I lay down for 20 minutes today {doing nothing at all really, just being still}.

It took me a couple minutes to find still {after moving, shifting, adjusting my legs, stretching}. But I found still and there I stayed.

At first I thought about the clothes dryer {the items beckoning to be put away}.

Then I remembered the library books {due back today, or tomorrow, or yesterday?}

And then thoughts of sipping lemon granita in Italy {I'm not sure where that came from}.

And finally I noticed the quiet {two babies sleeping and no extra appliances buzzing in this house}.

I wondered if this was the sound of silence?

It felt like silence, and sounded like the quietest day I had felt in a long time.

And then I noticed my thoughts begin to slow, and I started sensing {not thinking}.

I noticed the sound of the wind gushing about outside the room {and the sound of leaves journeying across the garden}.

I heard a car approaching {then a car swooshing past, then a car in the distance}

I listened {wondrously} to a solo bird's fleeting song.

And then the wind outside stilled, and all I could hear was the sound my breath.

Gentle soft breaths filling me {long and slow breaths filling me}.

I followed the rhythm of my breath {until I became my breath} and drifted into sleep.

When I woke the day seemed clearer {and my body felt renewed}.

I woke after 20 minutes {but it felt like I'd only been gone for two}.

Elisa xx

{I'm normally good at remembering to breathe and finding little patches of quiet inbetween all the doing and going of the day-to-day, and normally that's enough. But today I woke craving a chance to stop, to slow down. I'm glad I listened to my body, because these 20 minutes were a perfect kind of peace and gentle.}

Do you ever stop to be still during the day? And do you meditate? 


  1. The only way i can drift into sleep at night is for me to meditate... Focusing on relaxing each muscle and enjoying every breath, deeply breathing not lightly and rushed. I look forward to those ten minutes to myself. Such calm x

    1. That's awesome Jess! Meditation is amazing, and I bet your body and soul is loving you for it. Elisa x

  2. Elisa I love how you write and what you write. It is beautiful. You have a lovely way with words.

    I make conscious efforts during my day to slow down and to slow my breathing down. This helps me to be more centered, calm and present.

    I meditate in different ways. One day it may be watching the flame of a candle or just gazing at an object or a speck on the floor, another day I might sit near water, another day I might go for a nice slow walk. At night when I go to bed I place a hot water bottle on my tummy and I breathe slowly. I have learnt in my course to become a health coach that we hold a lot of our tension in our tummy and the hot water bottle helps release this tension.

    Have a lovely day Elisa. It sounds like you are taking some lovely steps to look after yourself. Don't feel any taking care of yourself you are happier and healthier which in turn makes you a better partner and mother. xxoo

    1. Thank you so much Julie!

      Such beautiful ways you meditate. I had heard that about our tummies too - that we hold a lot of our tension/emotion there - the hot water bottle is such a great idea! I will give that a go! Thank you xx

  3. I try to be still everyday, it doesn't always happen, but I try. I have recently incorporated a Sit Spot routine. I have found a spot in nature, it is private and quiet, and my goal is to make it there at least three times a week to just be still. To connect on a different level with nature. It is so amazing when I get the time to go and be still, and when I miss it, I can feel it tugging at me to come, my body's way of telling me I need it.

    1. Kim, that sounds amazing! I love that Sit Spot idea! Meditating in nature is so healing too. Thank you so much for sharing this with me xx

  4. Oh, nice. I too did a yoga dvd at lunch time while the little one slept and just layed there afterwards and felt a heavy relaxation come over my body. I didn't sleep but boy it was good to just go into a deep relaxation. I could feel my nervous system slow and breathe come back, something I need to do more often!

    1. So good Karla! Missing my yoga at the moment, and the deep body relaxation afterwards is so powerful and nurturing! I need to do this more often too xx

  5. You remind me to slow down, breathe and listen. Thanks so much Sarann xxx

  6. Oh it is tough to find that slow time. Yet also so important. I've been snatching moments here and there and it's amazing how refreshing it can be. You do write beautifully - keep it coming! x

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  8. Meditation is so important and the benefits are so amazing. I try hard to find time to sit be still and be in the moment. Sadly it doesn't happen as often as I would like!! Another lovely post and reminder of taking time out:) nx

  9. Those short naps are so re-energising!

  10. This was just beautiful.
    I almost felt relaxed myself just reading your words!
    I just I were better at stopping and sensing like that.
    Ronnie xo

  11. Thank you for the reminder that we need to be still & just be! I don't find enough time to do so, but really love the feeling of 5minutes peace when I can grab it x


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