Thursday, 19 July 2012

Apples in my basket

Years ago a friend asked me how many apples I had in my basket.

I laughed {because I do that a lot}. But I didn't understand what she meant. I wasn't carrying a basket. I don't even like apples.

My friend asked the question again. This time she asked me to visualise my basket.

This time I got it. And I did see a few apples in there {scattered in that basket}. But not a lot. Not an abundance. Not even many.

The basket symbolises our bodies/worlds/hearts/selves. The apples indicate how nourished we are {at any given time}.

Every now and then I ponder this question, just checking in. Sometimes the basket's overflowing, sometimes it's lacking, sometimes it's somewhere inbetween.

I don't ponder the question often, or even regularly. I trust my intuition to pose the question when it's needed.

Today when I woke up {after five hours straight sleep for the first time in weeks} that question popped into my head.

How many apples in my basket?

I cringed when I saw it.

In the past weeks of long days, sick and little sleep, I've been moving as gently as I can but not fully nourishing myself {not for any decent length of time}. Just getting through each day. Slowly at times, franticly at others. There has certainly been gentle moments, but I've felt the rough and rushed ones too.

I've made this week intentionally slower {as I settle back to me}. But today, I set out to put some apples back in that basket.

Little miss two proclaimed it the "best day ever" when I told her our plans: Coffee {babycino}. Park. Library. Beach.

But I forgot about the beach part til we were driving home, and a little voice called out "Mummy, we watching the waves?" My favourite thing to do. And I think it's hers too.

So we stopped, just the two of us braving the wind, watching the waves and the birds too.

She counted the waves. I closed my eyes and listened to their roar.

We walked back to the car hand in hand, a little more nourishment added to our day.

A few more apples in my basket.

Elisa xx

{image by me - made black & white via instagram @withgraceandeve}

Do you check your basket for apples?


  1. Hi, I think I don't have many apples in my baskets.. but the few I have are big and red..delicious! :-)xxx Laura Perego

    1. Sounds nourishing! They count for more than one apple I reckon! :) xx

  2. I love the basket and apples idea Elisa. We are going away on Saturday for a couple of weeks holiday. I'm planning on filling my basket right up to the top while we're away. I am also planning on helping my hubby and boys fill their baskets too. Hope things continue improving for you. xxoo

    1. Thanks Julie! Holidays are soooo good for that - nothing like coming back nourished and refuelled. Love your plan :) Seeing {and helping} others be nourished and fulfilled can be just as nourishing for ourselves I think! x

  3. I love that idea!
    I am afraid my basket is a bit lacking in apples at the moment...but now that I realise it I will do what I can to pick a few more and put them in there!

    1. Definitely! I have a long way to go, however slowly but surely my basket will be filled to the brim! :) I hope yours is soon too xx

  4. No, I sometimes wonder when a butterfly is going to land in my shoulder though. Perhaps I should ask how many butterflies landed instead. I often feel like my shoulders are bare; but they're not really, they're covered in delicate little flutters of colour ... I just rush to much to see them. I wrote a post today not unlike yrs. if u get time I'd love u to read it, it's only short ... About my daughter's prayer for me. I was surprised, but not now after thinking about how much I run around working and being a mum, and being to busy to see those butterflies, I can understand her.

    1. I love that butterfly imagery! Off to read your post! x

  5. That's a great analogy.
    I must stop allowing people to thieve and eat my apples!!!
    :-) xx

  6. Good way of looking at it. I think my basket is empty this week. I really feel malnourished at present. Too much sickness, cold weather and little inspiration. That's why I love Summer... always outdoors, always on fun adventures. Your day did sound pretty perfect xo

  7. You have such a beautiful way of weaving your words - apples and there's a thought.

    Nina xxx

  8. Love this!! Right now I think my basket could use a a few more apples...

  9. What a lovely analogy :)

    I don't often check my apple basket, I can usually tell how empty I feel by the exhaustion and lack of motivation I feel.

    This nourishing of self is something I am conscious of, but don't necessarily act on very often. My boys and I recently moved to the country, so I can feel more nourished by the closeness to nature and so far it is working. Now to find a few more apples :)

  10. I adore both this analogy AND your superb writing! Thanks for the lesson in life, shall be aware of the amount of apples in my basket from here in x

  11. Found this post from the link in todays post. I looked in my basket and saw only a few apples and a hole, now I know where my apples are going. Time to mend the hole I think and allow the basket to fill.
    Love your blog

    cheers Kate


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