Friday, 6 July 2012

The longest days

This week has had the longest days I can remember.

The first few days began with my little miss two sick, the last few have had my baby {ten months} sick {and it's the first time she's been unwell}.

There's been a whole lot of cuddling going on plus sleeping in my arms, on my chest and in our my bed {whatever it takes to make them feel better, to feel nurtured and safe}.

We've used hundreds of tissues and slept very little {awake listening to my babies' strained breathing and cradling their tiny bodies close to mine}.

And this morning I pondered grateful briefly {as I tried to spread honey on toast with a baby under one arm and a toddler tugging on the other}.

I didn't feel grateful {I felt exhausted and upset that both my babies were still unwell}.

But I'm an eternal optimist and I knew if I stopped for a second I'd find a lesson learnt in this {exhausting} week.

And tonight just as I had time to stop I scanned over the {untouched} to-do list on my bedside table, and that's when my baby girl woke distraught.

I scooped her up from her cot and cradled her close, brought her to my bed, breastfed her and then watched as she drifted gently into sleep {our eyes on each other until sleep saw hers close}.

And now I'm in bed typing away beside her {listening to her breath, watching the way she sleeps, admiring her long eyelashes and planting the gentlest kisses on her tiny hands}.

And I've looked at that to-do list again {a list with lists} with all my high priorities for this week.

But really none of them are urgent {not a single one}, and none of them have been done {not a single one}. 

And none of that matters {despite Monday's highest concern being ticking off that very list}. 

Because this week {while I've missed sleep and felt mostly dazed and worried} I've done so much nurturing and loving. 

And I've learnt that everything I really want {healthy and happy smiles on my girls' faces} isn't on that list. 

And I realise now that I've learnt a lesson in letting go {surrendering} and living one moment at a time.

And next week I won't need a reason to dismiss that to-do list. To stop and do nothing but nurture and love my babies.

Because that's everything to me, and I think that's everything to them too.

Elisa xx

{Grateful for the lessons learnt in the most trying weeks with the longest of days ~ Linking with Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful.}

How has your week shaped up? Have you found something to be grateful for?


  1. Those days are tough. This post was beautiful. Those moments of looking into your babes eyes while they feed will always mean so much more than ticking off an item on the to do list. I hope you get some rest tonight. xx

    1. Love love looking into her eyes as she feeds! So precious! Thanks Milina x

  2. I hope your babes are feeling better really soon, such a long week for you. I'm sure they enjoyed all the snuggles xx

  3. Such a beautiful post and so very true. Hoping your babes are feeling better soon and that you get some much needed rest.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. Just wishing you all health and sleep. Your post made me feel grateful for the same. Thank you! xxx

  5. What simply stunning writing - I felt every word of your love for your girls, your exhaustion and your ultimate appreciation.

    I've learnt a lesson from this as well - thank you for sharing and I hope your beautiful 2 return to health soon!

  6. Simply perfect! What you've been providing for your babes is the most important...nurture and love. It makes us realise that those 'to-do' lists whilst great to get things done...really don't matter when health comes first. wishing you a weekend of cuddles, sleep and recovery xx

  7. Oh dear, you poor things. I bet you are also learning how much patience and strength you have Elisa. When you're worn out and feel you have nothing more to give, you give some more, because that's what us mums do. Make sure you are taking time to rest when you can. I hope things get better soon. This too shall pass. Thinking of you and remembering going through times like that myself. It does make you a stronger person. xxoo much love to you all xxoo

  8. I hope everyone is feeling much better now! And thanks for the reminder what's really important!

  9. Beautiful post.
    I often have to remind myself that my to do list isn't as important as spending time with Baby C. He doesn't care and he won't remember if the house is clean, if the bills are paid, if all those silly jobs that seems so crucial when you write them down are done. But he will care and he will remember if I don't spend time with him. So I often look at my to do list, find that nothing on it is truly urgent and tuck it away for another day so I can play and interact with my baby.
    Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  10. Oh Elisa you write so beautifully and from the heart. Those days are so hard but in those precious moments you looked at your little girls you knew all was well and that the list didn't matter. I hope that your little ones feel better now. Take care. xx

  11. 'Greatness is only one step away'. Remember to give yourself a little time in your sleepless week to reboost and re-energise. Thinking of you x

  12. Beautiful.
    It is often in the midst of the toughest parenting days/nights/weeks that you realise how valuable you are in your home and family.
    How the day to day tasks you do, don't actually define you as a mother - it's in the real nurturing, comforting, agonising...

    I hope this week sees both your babes on the mend.

  13. Oh so beautiful. I've done the feed the baby to sleep and then type away while she slumbers beside me many times. Here's hoping that both your little ones return to full health soon and that next week, whilst still being as full of love as the last, does not carry the stress that accompanies having an unwell child.

  14. Hope everyone is feeling better now - beautiful connection to what really matters Elisa

  15. How absolutely beautiful. I could definitely take a leaf out of your book.
    Thank you for sharing such honest and touching words.
    Your daughters are so blessed to have you as their mum.
    Ronnie xo

  16. Beautiful. It's so easy to think some days that we haven't achieved anything but as you said loving and nurturing our children is everything. I love to go to bed each night and know that even though the house is messy, I loved my children that day. xx

  17. Hope you're all doing better now
    I've learnt (the hard way) to start the week with low expectations of what I'll "achieve"
    There's always lots of loving happening though

  18. that's so beautiful. sometimes life passes us by so quick and we forget the real things that matter

  19. Such a beautiful post. Your girls are very blessed to have you as their Mumma. I do hope sickness has stated at bay a while now. It does pop up do often when they are young. Long lazy days in pjs with endless cuddles and loving are definitely the days That are so special. Everything else can wait but our kids will only be young and dependent for such a short time.


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