Saturday, 28 July 2012


I've been pondering the happiness of my little girls.

The way they beam and shine when I give them my full attention. {Listening with my eyes and my ears. Listening with my heart.}

I see it in their little cherub faces. How good that makes them feel. {Loved, valued, wanted, wonderful, appreciated}.

I've done a great job of making life busy lately and even though I stopped to slow it all down, I forgot to give myself the time to soak in this feeling too.

That heart-warming heart-filling feeling of I've been heard, noticed, loved, appreciated. {Without any interruptions}.

It fills you up. {Nourishes you}. Gives you energy. {And love}.

It fills you up with more love to give.

Elisa xx

{On Thursday I felt all of this. So this week I'm most grateful for Thursday, and for those that listened to me {with their ears and hearts and without interruptions} My heart and my soul felt heard on Thursday. It put at least a dozen apples in my basket, I'm sure xx}

{Linking with loads more gratitude over at Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful.}

What do you feel grateful for this week?


  1. Some days you really have those moments where everything hits you (in a good way) and you cant stop beaming about what you have created and how amazing it all is... I understand how that is.. and I had a Thursday just like that too xxxx

  2. Thanks for the reminder to soak it all in sometimes, Elisa. I love it when their faces light up and you know that you've played a part in putting that light there. x

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    I know I need to step back and take the time to soak it all up rather than stress out. :)

  4. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing genuinely happy faces on your kids, and knowing that you're responsible for that. Yes, we should bask in that happiness.

  5. So true and inspiring.
    more soaking this week, me thinks!
    :-) xx

  6. Isn't their happiness contagious! Yes, soak it all up xx


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