Thursday, 12 July 2012

To have knowledge

The past two months have been filled with doctors appointments. Nothing major {but six of them}. And that's not like us.

Each visit I've listened so hard {it's hurt my head}. I've asked questions {and been drawn pictures}. I've come home with handouts.

I feel ignorant. I know so very little {about the workings of these bodies of ours}. I now know a little more. But still little.

And I hate that I don't have any real medical knowledge {and training} to help my babies {when they're in need}.

I'm all full of guesses and worries, wanting to listen to my intuition but ringing that nurse-on-call instead {who reminds me she can't see my baby so she's guessing too}.

I am so utterly grateful though that I've created a little {wonderful and amazing} support network of traditional and alternative therapy practitioners close by.

I trust them {their intuition, and their real medical knowledge and skill}. I breathe easier knowing they are here.

But lately I can't help but think I should have chosen a different career {something medical}?

Elisa xx

{In reality I'd probably suck in the medical profession, but to hold that knowledge! Writing, editing and meditation are most definitely more my thing. In fact, I'm sure I was destined to write, in one way or another.}

{image by me via instagram}  

Do you have medical knowledge? Do you wish you did?


  1. I hear you. We've been to the drs lately, and being diagnosed differently everytime with the same problem. I wish I knew more, and understood more. But I dont. I have to trust these people. I am going to find a naturopath I think, its been for a chesty cough.
    Its so hard, mothers instincts settle in but yet medically I know very little.

    1. Yes see a naturopath! I swear by mine - all kinds of brilliant and amazing! There's something to be said for that mother's intuition! Xx

  2. It is that time of the year isn't it?

    I think it's important to trust our instincts. We are the ones with our children most of the time and we know them the best. If you're concerned about something it's best to seek medical advice. It is annoying to have to sit at the doctors though especially with sick children.

    Our second son use to get croup. That was what I found the hardest, watching your little one having difficulty breathing.

    Hope things improve soon Elisa. xxoo

    1. Croup is terrible! This is what both my girls have had this past week and a bit! Almost better again x

    2. You poor thing Elisa. Croup IS terrible. So tiring and scary for the child and the parents and you've experienced it x 2. No wonder you have been having a bad time. It will pass though and things will be better again soon. I'm pleased the girls are getting better. Take it easy on yourself so you don't get sick too. Wish I was closer to give you a hand. xxoo

    3. Thanks Julie! That last sentence very much made me smile! I appreciate that! Today both girls are smiling and healthy! xx

  3. Oh - the medical melodrama has been such a learning curve for me the past four years.
    I barely took so much as a Panadol in my life 'before'.
    I have seen more doctors, specialists and hospital wards in the last four years than I thought possible.

    I hope it all works out well for your little ones.

    1. Thank you! It sure is a learning curve - one I wasn't prepared for xx

  4. I know how you feel (though the childless version) and wish I did have some medical training. It's not exactly the same but I need a senior first aid course a few months ago and I feel so much better. At least I know that in an emergency, I have a much better idea of what to do than before and not completely helpless :) maybe a few short courses?

    1. A first aid course is such a good idea Jess. I'm going to look into that. Every little bit of extra knowledge makes such a difference xx

  5. I'm on the other side of this Elisa
    I'm a GP who knows so much but applying to my own little babies when mother instinct is screaming something else is sometimes soooo hard.
    I think it has made the journey a little easier though...not as much panicking, not as much waiting in waiting rooms...
    And I love being able to help my friends when they are concerned.
    Hopefully you are all well again soon

    1. Oh wow ally I never thought about the conflict knowledge vs mother's instinct could create! Your friends are lucky to have you! x


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