Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Waiting for brighter days

Winter is normally my favourite season {going slow, early nights, scarves and the ocean}. But this week all I can think of is brighter days {and sunshine too}.

Little miss two isn't well and for days it's been little-sleep nights {peppered with anxiety as I hold her close and listen to her strained breathing and sleeping tears}.

I've been looking into her big eyes and watching closely as sleep arrives {sending her body love to help it as it heals}.

But mostly I keep telling her that she's getting better {little by little each day}. And especially when she tells me it hurts.

I'm exhausted {and trying my best to keep cranky and tears at bay} and I'm giving thanks for health {and reminding myself to do so every day}.

Today we looked at the winter sky {mostly white and grey} and watched as rain filtered through.

In the early afternoon we spotted a patch of blue {and I wished for summer}. But little miss two just stared at that light blue {the dark clouds and the rain} and asked where her rainbow was.

I told her the sky was missing a rainbow today. She said we can wait.

And that's what today has felt like, strained and dark lit up by patches of smiles and a giggle too. Resting {and healing} and waiting for brighter days and that wonder-light feeling of health {and rainbows too}.

Elisa xx

Do you have a favourite season?


  1. I hope she is feeling better soon!
    Whenever Baby C is sick I try to treasure the cuddly moments...usually he is too busy playing and exploring to cozy up with me!

  2. Sick here too but at least we are having beautiful weather, albeit with very cold mornings and nights. Sending some love and sunshine your way.

  3. Hope she is feeling better soon.

  4. I hope she gets better soon.

    You have a real way with words - making everything sound so special and perfect.

    Nice post.


  5. Oh so sorry that your little one is sick. I'm a colder season lover. Loving winter sooo much. I hope there's a rainbow in your parts soon xxx

  6. wishing that brighter days & a rainbow arrives to you & little miss two real soon. that's the unfortunate thing with winter is the nasty bugs that come with it. hoping your little girl heals quickly:) nx

  7. Thank you for sharing this Elisa. It is really hard when the little ones are sick. I think we're going through our third round of colds this winter. I hope that your brighter days arrive soon. Good health is truly a blessing. Sending some big virtual hugs your way.
    Ronnie xo

  8. Hope everyone is well again soon and you can get some sleep Elisa. Take care. xxoo


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