Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Can't have it all {at once}

Lately I'm beginning to think I can't have it all.

I've always thought with time and patience I could {make space in the now for everything I want to achieve}.

But the more I share time {and experiences} with my girls, the less time I seem to share alone.

Which means less time writing, and more time craving writing.

And when I do stop to write, in the back of my mind I'm thinking that I still have to pack up the rest of this house to move.

And then my mind wanders to thoughts of working {excited to get my freelance writing/editing back in motion again}.

But there's a part of me that wants to study too! And another part that wants to see my most recent learnings {meditation teaching} put into practise.

And a part of me that's wants to travel, to show my girls the world {and our heritage too}.

And then when my head stops this spin cycle, in comes clarity.

And I land at me and my girls.

And then comes that desire to write {to style-guide me!} and share {how With Grace & Eve began} .

Writing is my profession, but it's in my heart too.

And so maybe I can't have it all {not right here, right now}.

And maybe that's a good thing {because would I really enjoy it if it all happened at once?}

If I go slowly and gently {and trust}, I'd like to believe I can live all these dreams, hopes and aspirations {in the end}.

But for now, it's me and my girls, writing from my heart {and hopefully writing from my head too}.


Do you think it's possible to have it all? In the end? Or is this a dream destined for disaster?


  1. "But for now, it's me and my girls, writing from my heart." I love how you put that. I think it applies to me too. Sure, there are so many other things that I would be interested in being involved in or achieving but at this stage of life, THIS is what I'm irreplaceable at - being a mother to our boys.
    I loved reading this, Elisa. Keep writing! I'll keep reading...
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. It's nice to be back here catching up on your blog.

    1. Yes I love the way you have put it - irreplaceable we are. Thank you for reading. I adore your blog x

  2. After spending a few years, three kids trying to juggle career/home life, I've decided that I can indeed have it all, just not all at once. That funny thing called 'balance' we are all so anxiously chasing- I think that is a long term goal, not a worthwhile daily pursuit.

    As for dreams- Lipari? I am super jealous. My family originates from there and I ache to see it. One day!


    1. Yes I think "not at all at once" is the key! I hope you do see Lipari one day Sarah! It is so so beautiful, what dreams are made of! You will love Lipari as much as I do I am sure x

  3. Elisa your girls are only young. They are at an age when they need a lot of time with their parents. It is a demanding time. As they get older they will spend more time doing their own thing and you will have more time to yourself. Enjoy it all. xxoo

    1. Thank you Julie. I needed to read your words. Trying my best to enjoy all the moments x

  4. Phew there is a lot to take in there! I think when the kids are young to just do what you can to balance your needs and theirs, plenty of time in the future to pursue other things.x

    1. Phew indeed! You make it sound so simple Karla. Loving your take on it very much, thank you x

  5. Beautiful post. I love your writing. I feel like this all. the. time. I have also learnt (fast) that balance between work and home in this little house of mine is impossible. I've learnt to love work, let go of the pursuit for balance between the two and put family first and allow everything to fall in behind it.

    I love writing. I find it helps keep me grounded.

  6. I think trying to have it all, all at once is selfish in many regards.
    I'm always trying to teach my children to think of others, to make choices, to learn restraint...I think its important for us too.
    Do what's important, do what makes your heart sing
    And aim to have it the end


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx