Thursday, 25 October 2012


Gratitude has become more natural, rather than scheduled now. I like it this way. It's effortlessly part of my week.

I'm thinking gratitude most days, but always at the end of the week I'm counting my blessings and noticing all I have to be grateful for. And I love that there's always something {and normally so much}.

Last week I missed the 52 Weeks of Grateful link up. My littlest girl clung to me like a koala for almost four days, teething and miserable.

Reaching for my laptop was out of the question. Actually it was impossible. Even pouring soy milk on my cereal turned out to be a hard task. But despite being so needed and not getting to publish the posts I craved to write, gratitude kept popping up in my heart and on my mind.

Reflecting on gratitude is a little like meditation for me. It slows me down, grounds me and makes me more mindful of my power to choose my day and how the moments play out.

But what I love most is how gratitude has become a part of my days. Effortlessly.

It's got me thinking about all the other rituals {past and present} I want to be part of my every day.

Salutes to the sun in the morning. Meditation each evening. Time stopping to look up at the sky and to notice the trees' leaves. Journaling - pen and paper style. Walking after dinner. Reading fiction books - even just a couple of pages each day.

It's got me thinking about how what starts as a scheduled practise can become more of a ritual and then turn into something that feels natural so easily.

It's got me thinking how the smallest changes can make the biggest impacts on our days.


Any rituals you want to introduce to your days? Do you practise gratitude? x


  1. Lovely Elise. I'm learning to be more grateful and gracious during the not so good times. I'm trying to do that by possibly surrendering a little to a higher power (god in my case) so that instead of feeling fear and am slowly shifting to think it might all be part of a bigger plan for good in the end. It's not a ritual yet, but it's a beautiful concept.

    1. Beautiful concept indeed! I believe in that one. Beautiful things destined for you I have no doubt xx

  2. Great post Elisa. You have really inspired me to be more grateful for what I have, even during my choatic life with four kids & running my own business. since following your blog I've started jotting down in a journal, sometimes may only be a few words to sum up my day. but i've found it has helped in appreciating what I have & trying to keep in the moment. thank-you:)

    1. Wow Nicole! Thank you!! That makes it all worth it! You've got me smiling xx

  3. Such a beautiful picture with the light filtering through.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Nina x

  4. Such an inspiring post. I try to let gratitude flow, but sometimes it is hard. I need to refocus and allow it to be. x

  5. What a wonderful post, as always. I would like to try sleeping a bit earlier every night, and a bit of fiction reading wouldn't go astray either!
    Hope your weekend is a lovely one, Elisa.
    Ronnie xo

  6. It really works doesn't it - the gratitude practice. Despite my absence at the link-up, I've still been practicing gratitude in my life. Some of the things you wish to add to your 'effortless' daily stuff, I do too! I would love mediation to be a natural part of my day - it always seems to ebb and flow with me.

  7. this is a beautiful post ... inspiring x


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