Friday, 5 October 2012

Ordinary days

Last week my husband told me we'd had a really great day {the best day}. Our little girls were tucked into bed and fast asleep. I was standing watching the kettle boil, my mind wandering. And I was immediately drawn to his words {the emotion in his voice}.

I understood what he meant because I had felt this day too. It has been great {all of it}. But we hadn't done anything {extra special}. It was a day of ordinary. I'm sure everyone has days just like this too.

We all had a sleep-in {til 7.30am}, ate breakfast together {while taking turns at feeding the baby}. A cardboard box was turned into a boat {salad servers became oars} and little miss almost-three was rapt. We picked up groceries and unpacked more boxes. We ate an early dinner. And spent the evening reading books to our girls before bed-time crept up.

What made this day great? I keep running that question around in my head.

I think mainly because the day was just us, just being. No big plans, no place we had to be, no schedule {just a loose routine of how the day best pans out for our girls}.

And I couldn't help but notice that holiday feeling {free, light, relaxed} was present. And that stress, work and a to-do list were absent. Without those holding on, the day made itself about us with ease, slow and gentle. And it's made me think that it's these ordinary days I long for the most.


{Grateful for clarity, ordinary days and time spent together with no big plans and no place we have to be ~ Linking with gratitude to Maxabella and Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful.}

Do you love ordinary days? What's made you feel grateful this week?


  1. I love this Elisa, those are the best days!

  2. I do love ordinary days..the best! With all your family around you and a husband willing to share in your day I think you were cocooned in love..all day!

  3. I love how the simple pleasures leave such beautiful feelings.
    A beautiful day.
    :-) x

  4. They're the best kind of days. x

  5. I love these days.
    Great post Elisa.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. Ordinary days are underrated aren't they? We've just had the most relaxed school holidays here, just hanging out and seeing what the day brings, for a while I felt guilty for not doing many planned activities, but I haven't seen my kids smile this much in ages, enjoy your weekend :)

  7. I love ordinary days too Elisa, and I love when my husband and I both feel the magic in a particular day. xx

  8. Oh I agree wholeheartedly! It is always the simple things in life that have the most pleasure, so it is always the simple days that end up the most special too x

  9. Nothing better than ordinary happy days with no schedules or rushing around! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead:)

  10. I'm having one of those days today. Thus the time being spent cruising the blogosphere.

  11. Sometimes those days are the very best aren't they ?
    Great post.

  12. You are so right ordinary days are the best x

  13. What a lovely post! You have reminded me to throw away my to do list and just be!!! Those days are the best , where it flows with no pressure, no commitments. It does have that holiday feel! I hope you get to have another day like that soon! xxxx

  14. They are definitely my favourite kinda days.
    I miss these kinda days, but I guess being a single mum I get to share every day with my girl and that's special x

  15. Perfect day to me too. I thought the image was a turtle shell on first glance.

  16. No big plans! It's always the key. The more we slow down and just be together, the better it gets. All the pressure goes. We get to completely be ourselves in our own little world.

    No big plans!!


  17. I agree with Maxabella - no big plans is key...
    I love reading posts like this - thanks for sharing Elisa.
    Ronnie xo


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