Wednesday, 10 October 2012


I've been rushing. {Rushing to nowhere in particular and for no real reason at all}.

Just rushing to get out the house, to get this house unpacked, to set up my study/office, to get my wardrobe in some kind of order...

Nothing life stopping {or changing} there. And rushing won't get any of that done any quicker I know {yet still I've been rushing}.

This morning as I ran around the house picking up the contents of the nappy bag, little miss almost-three said, "Quickly quickly, Mum".

And that's when I realised it's quickly quickly that's been coming out of my mouth, and quickly quickly that's been on my mind {and maybe my little girl's too}.

But nothing is going quickly. {It feels as though everything is taking forever to get done}.

So today I'm giving up on wanting quickly. And trusting that time and space will do their thing.

And I hope when it's all done I remember that quickly didn't get me anywhere {other than in a head spin} and gently and slowly still get me where I want to be in the end.


{Image - To combat all that rushing, we're stepping outside today to admire these stunning flowers in our garden ~ a gentle way to slow us all down xx}

Do you rush to get things done? Or find slow and gentle get the job done?


  1. gorgeous flowers! you could say that this came at a perfect time for me. today was most definitely a rush. actually, this month. this year ... it seems has been a rush.

    thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy. :)

  2. It depends on how much time there is and what needs to be done...there is probably some kind of maths formula embedded in those words..about being inversely proportional or something! I like it best though if I don't have to rush and things don't have to get done yesterday.

  3. So true.
    All our rushing usualy leads nowhere.
    Have a beautiful day.
    :-) xx

  4. I hate rushing too, but isn't it inevitable with children in the house... You're right, though. I do make a point of slowing things down, and of not piling too much on my plate so I don't have too much to get done in the first place. Slow and calm is quite wonderful. I read a beautiful quote recently that I'll share here: when you become quiet, it just dawns on you. (Thomas Edison) x

  5. I'm really consciously working on not rushing and learning to savour.
    3 year olds are good for reminding you of that

  6. I often wonder too if you stop all the rushing that things will get done anyway, it often feels better to stop saying the words and just do it at your own pace. The key seems to be being conscious, little ones remind though don't they. Enjoy your more gentle pace. xx

  7. Oh yes, I can relate to this all so well Elisa. I am so conscious of rushing around like a mad thing... but it doesn't stop me from doing it. It is nice sometimes, just to take a step back and enjoy this busy life for all of it's wonder. Hope you had a lovely time soaking up the outdoors xo


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx