Saturday, 13 October 2012

Stolen glances at you

Each time I look in my revision mirror I see this face. And her big smile {and sometimes a tongue poking out if she catches me looking at her}.

And in her big eyes I see love and wonder and curiosity {hope, change and beauty}.

Seeing her reflection {and her little sister's} warms my heart, and reminds me to be grateful for moments and words and days and stolen glances in their direction too. 

Watching my babies when they're not watching me brings me back to the now {this very moment}.  

And I always notice that at that very time I am not needed by them. {At that moment} I am witnessing them as they are.

It teaches me to appreciate time. And to appreciate being needed and wanted {and not needed too}.

This week in my revision mirror I stole glances at two giggling girls {and it made me laugh} ~ a dancing in her car seat almost-three year old {singing along to the radio} ~ two little girls fast asleep {a sight 
I love for so many reasons} ~ my two babes blowing raspberries at each other and {my favourite} them sending lip-smacking kisses my way. 

Today, when I saw my girls in my revision mirror, I gave thanks that they are in my view.


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What are you grateful for this week? 


  1. How cute is that face in the mirror! No wonder you love watching them. Just don't get too distracted while you're driving, please!

  2. Beautiful Elisa. And I do exactly the same thing, love nothing more than glancing back at the boys in their car seats, their sweet little heads bobbing around, looking out at the world whizzing by. Makes us realise how lucky we are, that's for sure xo

  3. Lovely. I feel exactly the same way about my two girls.

  4. It's just lovely having these moments of appreciating how blessed we are.
    :-) xx

  5. Such a cut photo!

  6. Love looking at my kids in the mirror - so rare i get to do so, but i do love it - love your sweet girl's pic too!

  7. Hi there, just stopping by from #FBLS you write beautifully and have gorgeous photos to match.

  8. Beautiful post. I also adore those glances of my kids when they are unaware, it always makes me smile:)

  9. Elisa I love this :) I always watch my baby girl in the review mirror... I love watching her talk and sing and ask questions. Most of I love watching her play when she can't see me and I see her be free and dance. It makes my heart sing! There's so much to be said for happy, healthy children... Time is short and it's so nice to be needed isn't it :)

    Sophie xo


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