Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lessons learnt {in moving house}

You can't rush time. I used a whole lot of energy trying to rush time. I pushed and pulled and tried to make things {selling, finding a new house} move faster. But I've discovered time moves at it's own pace. And {I do believe} at the one that's right for us too.

Go slowly. Little tasks done one at a time each day add up to a big job complete. It's the only way I managed to pack the house with a toddler and baby in tow. Rushing doesn't get the job done any faster. I could use this lesson on so many projects I aspire to achieve.

Look ahead. It's okay {awesome actually} to not stay in the moment some of the time. I was so focused on trying to be mindful and present, but letting my heart and head look ahead and visualise sunny days, smiles, laughter and love to be shared in our new home helped us all transition a little more easily and effortlessly too. I'm a big believer on visualising the outcome you desire, so future moments have been on my thoughts just as much as present ones this past month.

Letting go. I have a hoarding problem. I thought I was nostalgic. Turns out that's not the case. Letting go {and getting rid of} of old things/patterns/emotions creates space for new {better} ones. I'm working on letting go a little more.

Change is part exciting, part stressful. Moving is both of those too. But the selling and packing parts, for me they're just stressful. The unpacking not so much. But like all stress {and times of change/transition}, life feels extra sweet and refreshing when you make it through.


{I believe every time of stress/change offers us an opportunity to grow/learn. Just sometimes it takes overcoming the stress to notice what you've actually learnt. And on reflection, these lessons apply to so many more things going on in my life right now - I may need to keep them handy xx}

Any life lessons you've learnt lately?


  1. Oh I love your way of posting! I said yes out loud to more than one of your points. Going slowly...tricky but so important. I too like to visualise the outcome in a positive light. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Steph :) x

  2. I love the way you take the time to sit and look back and learn from your experiences, you write them so beautifully. Going slowly, not rushing because things will get in time, at the pace you right for you is so true. Have a wonderful Friday. x

  3. A lovely post Elisa. These lessons can be applied to so many things. I'm pleased for you that the move is over. I find moving stressful too, especially when there are little helpers about. It must be stressful for them too with so much change happening in their life. Are the girls a bit clingy at the moment? xxoo

    1. Hi Julie, thank you! The first week after the move was the most challenging. We stayed home, getting to know our new place and getting to know ourselves here and connect as a family in a new space. The girls have been great and I think that made the difference. xxxx

  4. Very good lessons learned Elisa. I find the whole experience of moving quite stressful... even the unpacking. It's at this point where I realise I don't really want to fill the new space with 'old' stuff and I procrastinate about where to put it. Must feel lovely to be settled in now and be able to look back on your past few months, as something you won't have to do again for a long while xo

  5. Moving is such hard work.
    I've been learning that having less things is truly better than having more things...
    Ronnie xo


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