Friday, 2 November 2012

On this Friday

A whole lot of stressful scenarios intertwined this week. Part inevitable, part unforeseeable. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Life happened, and regardless I'm always grateful for it. But here on this Friday, Monday seems months ago. Because we've come so far, and because the days have felt so long.

And I'm feeling grateful for:

Health. {Whether it's here or not} 

Sleep. {A good night's sleep and a new day can make everything so much better. But I'm still forever wishing my babies would give me more precious sleep.}  

Time & trust {It doesn't feel like I'm getting much time right now, but I trust that things will improve.} 

Listening {I listened to my heart and head this week. I'm glad I let my heart win.}

Comfort {That my arms and love can offer so much.}

Listeners {I was listened to with empathy and patience this week, and it made a beautiful difference ~ thank you xx. I'm always so very conscious of how I listen and how I could listen better. It felt so good to be heard.} 

Words {Spoken and written. When I didn't get to write this week I spoke, and read too.}   


What are you most grateful for this week?

{Linking with gratitude to Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful xx}


  1. I'm glad you let your heart win week this week's troubles will be forgotten.

  2. Sounds like your week was similar to mine - and here, at the end of it I feel very similar too.
    I hope you have a lovely refreshing weekend to reset for the week ahead.

  3. Reading this I felt as though you were describing my week too!
    I hope that the coming week is far more relaxed for you and you have time to recover this weekend

  4. Been a bit rough here too in recent weeks but you're right, always something to be grateful for. Lovely post. I hope that the coming week brings you peace and all manner of lovely things :) x

  5. SOme weeks just seem like an age don't they?! There's nothing quite like a empathetic ear to help talk through some troubles. WIshing you a happy week. Steph :)
    (Just discovered your lovely little slice of the bloggy world)

  6. thank you so much for your sweet comments. wishing you a more peaceful week this week. x

  7. really good listeners are hard to find x lucky you :)

  8. Lovely heartfelt post Elisa. I hope you have a brighter week, and get a little time to yourself :)

  9. beautiful hon - a tough week but still filled with gratitude and some wonderful things like listeners. hope this week is better xx


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