Friday, 23 November 2012

Ten things

In bed with my fourteen-month-old finally finding sleep sprawled across me last night, I read a Huffington Post article on my iPhone. It was about thankfulness, and Thanksgiving. I was challenged to write 10 things to be thankful for. Ten.

I thought, surely to be thankful for just one thing is enough? But as I read on I understood it to be about creating more to be thankful for, and about seeing each day the abundance we {already} do have.
So thankfulness is here, but gratitude too. Because {I think} being grateful is thankful, with heart.
1: Sunshine. It’s shone brightly this week and we’ve lapped it up and headed outdoors. I’ve watched the sky, felt the sun, counted clouds and encouraged my little girls to do the same.
2: Conversations with strangers. Supportive, encouraging, uplifting ones. I’ve had two this week.

3: Help. Thankful it was offered, grateful I accepted.
4: Yoga. One point five hours once a week. It brings me back to me.

5: Sisters. They’re awesome. No explanation needed.
6: Meditation. I may only be practising in one-minute bursts right now. But even those solo minutes bring me joy.

7: Dinner. Plus my family. The four of us at the table together - eating, speaking in fragments and encouraging a strong-willed toddler to try vegetables {not just meat}.
8: Technology. I am loving how connected we can all be via technology, but I hate the way my babies already understand this technology so well.

9: My camera. It’s not a fancy one, but it’s the fanciest one I’ve ever had. And I’m having fun with it.
10: Spontaneity. In a month of exhausting, I’m glad we’ve tried to go with the flow and do new things too.


Are you grateful for 10 things? I wasn’t sure I was, but once you get started...

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  1. it's so important to take the time to reflect and be thankful, isn't it? I enjoyed reading your list xx

  2. I'm grateful for the lovely comment you wrote on my blog. Thank you Elisa. I love how we can all be connected via technology too.
    Writing down ten things to feel grateful for is a lovely way to turn things around, isn't it?
    Hope you get a chance to catch up on some sleep over the weekend.
    Much love, Julie xxoo

  3. That's beautiful Elisa...I love sunshine too...I would be grateful if I could spend more time in it! I will think about 10 things I am grateful for. Thanks for the challenge. xx

  4. When you think about it there are so many things to be grateful for!

    I am having a giveaway of a month planner, meal planner and shopping list pad and pencil for the fridge. If you are interested.

  5. Ten lovely gratefuls Elisa, and did you take that photo with your new camera? Beautiful shot. xx

    1. Thank you Alana! Yes I did take this shot - my man and our little miss three x

  6. It is so lovely to really reflect on all the things we have to be grateful for. When I get started I find they add up quickly - and I'm just so grateful for the bounty! The sunny weather recently has definitely been on my list! (P.S Love the photo!)

  7. Nice Elisa. That's a gorgeous picture both yr daughter and hubbie but the surroundings too. I sat tonight with my poppet and made an advent calendar together. She just absolutely loved spending the time with me ... I'm so grateful for her innocent and big big love for me. She's snoring softly now. Bless

  8. Ok this is a challenge - my post today will reflect such, 10! Sometimes (sadly) I really struggle to get started but it becomes obvious once I get into the mindset. Your post is inspiring. Sarannx

    1. Thank you Sarann! It's all about getting started I think! I look forward to reading your post x

  9. A beautiful post today, a lovely list of 'gratefuls'!

  10. That is a great list! I try to jot down every night before bed what I have been grateful for each day - it certainly helps keep me in check x

  11. photographing and thinking of things to blog about never fails to show me what to be grateful for.

    ... and you've prompted me to shut the computer, and get on the yoga mat. right now. {and i'm grateful for that!}

    rachel xo

  12. Isn't it incredible how quickly the little ones pick up technology?! Yesterday Pebble said "Mummy, where's my (toy) phone? I need to check the weather".

  13. Just found your blog and its lovely :) So many things to be grateful for :)
    Ellen xx

  14. I am thankful for your beautiful writing - I always feel encouraged when I visit your space here...
    Ronnie xo


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