Friday, 25 January 2013

Best {of this week}

This week: Three busy days and two slow {incredibly relaxed} days {so far}. Changing routines {and pausing to breathe}. Talking loads {and listening just as much}. Learning {from each other}. Stopping to look {and see}. Giving thanks {each night, out loud}. Then, writing down all the joy I've seen {and felt}. Just so I don't forget...

* Little miss three and I painting our toe nails red. {"My toes are beautiful mummy. You look cute."}

*Making lunch, only to find my girls hiding behind their princess tent devouring a pack of corn chips. They were crunching and giggling together {and I got the feeling they knew they were being cheeky}. I watched them {while they weren't watching me} and I savoured the look in their eyes - how much they were loving this moment and each other.

*Flopping back onto the bed, closing my eyes and feeling the air-con breeze my way.

*Playing peek-a-boo with Miss one, and getting lost in her uncontrollable giggling.

*Miss three and I teaching Miss one to use her shape sorter, and hearing her proclaim, "Yayyyy!" {for the first time} when she worked it out.

*Dancing with my girls, then all three of us falling to the ground exhausted. Them flinging themselves on top of me. {Of course}.

*Our {normally exhausting} bedtime charade going smoothly {two nights in a row so far}.

*Reading a few pages of the book I've been wanting to pick up for a month now. Small steps. {How I miss books}.

*Getting three big things ticked off my to-do list {after agonising over them for months}.

*A walk alone after dinner when two little girls were fast asleep. Watching the sun go down {and light up the sky}. Bliss.


{Grateful for so many joy-filled moments this week. ~ Linking with Maxabella & Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful, and Rachel's Finding Joy.}



  1. Hi Elisa...this is why it's good to look on the positive side of life because there is always something to be grateful for isn't there....sounds like you hand a fun week with your girls....enjoy them while they're little because trust me they grow up so fast....have a good weekend...xo

  2. Beautiful post Elisa. I love seeing my girls play together, while they are not looking. I miss books too!! ;)


  3. Oh sounds beautiful,lots of special times and now it is here to always remember!

  4. Beautiful post. The little things are just the best to remember. Such a lovely sense of calm through your image and writing too. Happy weekend. :)

  5. all sounds divine.
    My son is also one - his fits of giggles melt my heart everytime too. They are so contagious :)

    A walk alone once kids in bed - something I should do more often - good for the Soul...I'm sure.


  6. I love your list of gratefuls Elisa, so many beautiful things. Well done getting things ticked off your list too x

  7. How wonderful, this post is a really good grateful, can feel the thoughts and the love it contains. Hope you have an equally good week next week.

  8. Beautiful, vivid snippets from your week Elisa. A smooth bedtime - I would love a bit of that! A charade is the perfect term for it at our place too - or maybe fiasco! I went for a rare solo walk this week and despite the heat it was lovely.

  9. What a lovely look back at the week. I'm glad you savoured the precious moment of the girls secretly enjoying their corn chips :)

  10. I love it when the kids are suddenly in cahoots, even if it means they're being a bit naughty. IT's great to be ganged up on sometimes and I hope they LOVED those corn chips! x

  11. Dancing, reading and ticking big things off a list all sound wonderful, Elisa!
    Ronnie xo

  12. This is beautiful! It truly is the simple things in life that bring such happiness!
    Clare x


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