Wednesday, 9 January 2013

More or less

These past two weeks have gone slowly. Filled with moments of fun {and reflection}.

I've thought often about how far I've come. And I've decided {already} to let those thoughts change to where I want to go. What I want to create more of. {And less of}.
I know I want to go slowly {rush less} more often. To smile more {and catch myself in the act}.

And to say wait a sec less {to give miss three more of my time}. I especially want to walk more {with a toddler setting the pace}.

I want to be close to the ocean more often. To sit on the sand and watch the water, listen to the water, and dip my toes in it {regardless of the season}.
The ocean reminds me to be still and just float {when life is crashing down and roaring around}.

I want to listen to my fears, then tell them to take a backseat. And give my ideas and dreams
a real go.

I want to look to the sky each day. And notice how it's different one day to the next. I want to be mindful of how some days it appears to give it's all, and some days it seems dull and to offer less. Then,
I want to be remember that I'm not always the best version of myself every day too, and to honour where I'm at. 

I want to remember that each day is a new one, an opportunity for everything {and everyone} to change, and to offer more {or less}.

I want more time with just the four of us {less time doing stuff} and to take more photos capturing our family {our love}.

I want to give thanks, show thanks, speak thanks. To continue to listen to my heart. And write.


What do you want to create more of? Or less?



  1. Love this Elisa. I also love the ocean. It has such a calming effect. When I'm there I just feel the tension melt away. xxoo

  2. You've said it perfectly- i probably want all of these things too {more or less}

  3. So beautifully written and it makes absolutely perfect sense! You took the words right out of my mouth, only I dont think I could ever express them as poetically as you have just done. x

  4. I love what you've written here, I strive for the same and you've expressed it so beautifully.

  5. yes! yes and yes. family is what matters most.

  6. Beautiful thoughts :) I so agree about being close to the ocean!

  7. So eloquently said Elisa and pretty much what I am striving for this year.
    The ocean has such a calming effect on me that a day doesn't go by without a visit no matter how quick or long.


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx