Friday, 4 January 2013

These days {summer}

Waking up with no agenda {nowhere to be, nothing I have to do}.

Stretching in bed {and getting out slowly}.

Admiring the perfect lips, long eyelashes and sweet baby breath of my 15 month old little girl {asleep beside me}.

Asking my three year old what she would like for breakfast {when it's cheese toastie, every time}.

Then, pretending surprise when she says her answer {just to see her smile}.

Making my cereal, then playing with my girls {and eating it soggy ten minutes later}.

Putting blueberries {her favourite} in front of my baby girl.

Waiting and bursting a smile as she offers me {always} the first one {and says mmmm}.

Deciding on a long walk or stop at the park or fun in the backyard {and watching the sense of responsibility in the choosing for miss three}.

Peeling bananas, slicing watermelon and cutting apples {the right way, so the pips form a magic star}.

Forgetting the day of the week {and not minding at all}.

Sunshine that turns my cheeks pink {and buoys my mood}.

The bluest skies {dotted with white stretched clouds, and overpowered by the bright sun}.

Lying on my back in the grass {knowing a toddler is getting ready to pounce}.

Lemonade icy poles {that drip in the sun faster than you can lick}.

Running under the sprinklers {fully clothed}.

Sitting on the front lawn with my girls {waiting for our man to arrive home}.

The four of us going for walks after dinner {going slow, loving big, finding joy}.


{~ Grateful for summer days that lately are going like this. Linking with Maxabella & Kidspot's 52 Weeks of Grateful over here x}

What are you feeling grateful for this week?



  1. Oh Elisa you have painted such a beautiful picture of your summer days with your little girls, these are such precious moments you're describing. This week I'm grateful for my hubby still being at home so we can enjoy sleep ins, no routine and lots of relaxing:) Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  2. Oh my heavens I LOVE this list! Can I come and spend summer at your place? How sweet that your little girl offers you the first blueberry - that is love right there in action.

  3. Your beautiful list of touching actions and thoughts brought a smile to my face in my grey office day. M x

  4. Bliss! So peaceful ...
    I am actually breathing easier after reading this.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  5. beautiful, simple days..., I love summer too & love the way you've written these.

  6. What perfectly beautiful days Elisa, they sound like bliss :)

  7. Absolutely gorgeous, I love and crave a simple life where I've got time to sit back and appreciate the little things that make up life.

  8. wonderful list elissa! you know you are in holiday / summer mode when you don't know the day of the week - that was us travelling and even now we need the calendar to know the date! enjoy those girls!

  9. I feel so relaxed after reading that xx summer holidays are the best

  10. What a beautiful post! It makes me feel so relaxed. Enjoy your summer holidays xx

  11. So beautifully written Elisa, and such gorgeous things to be grateful for. I absolutely love not knowing what day it is! xx

  12. Oh yes, this is what summer is all about :)

  13. Oh how I miss summer over there. Such a lovely account of those lazy days. Enjoy them lovely x

  14. Don't you LOVE being able to forget what day of the week it is? That's the best moment ever. Idle time is what we need the most and always forget to give ourselves. Happy days, Elisa. x

  15. I love how 'in the present' you are. I need to take some lessons from you, my dear friend!
    Ronnie xo


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