Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Slowly, slowly

That's today's mantra {slowly, slowly}. And really it should be tomorrow's too. And probably yesterday's if I'm being honest.

I allow myself to move so much slower than I ever have. So I can soak up moments and walk at a 16-month-old's pace. And so I operate at the rhythm my body desires in order to be healthy.

Slow reminds me to be mindful of my breath, my actions, my choices and my heart.

But still a part of me keeps rushing. Wanting to get to the finish line before I've even thought to say go.

But I keep reminding myself that would be no fun, and no achievement at all. And gently I steer my pace back to slow. Knowing that by going slowly and mindfully I will {in the end} get to my destination {and have learnt/grown/smiled/loved along the way}.

When I look deeper into my desire to rush through {and past and ahead} I see it stems from fear. A fear of some kind sitting there blocking my way. Urging me to pause, or doubt or abandon the journey my heart invites me to take.

But slowly, slowly seems to do the trick. I take one little step, then another, building courage and knowledge as I go. And I visualise reaching that point ahead surpassing fear, but focus just on that one little step I can make today.

Slowly slowly became one of my mantras almost five years ago.

I was in Italy deciding whether to take a motorbike around the most beautiful island {one full of family heritage, no traffic rules and windy roads that are on the edge of a cliff}.

I was siding with no, because I'm cautious like that. And hadn't we already done the same thing five times in a car? My husband had already told his cousin yes.

Just as I was about to back out of our adventure, my husband's aunty positioned herself right in front of me looking into my eyes.

Hai paura? {You're scared?} she asked.

I nodded, and before getting a word out she sent me on my way saying, "Piano, piano"

Slowly, slowly. Little by little.

And so I went. On the back of a bike that didn't go slowly at all.

But I let myself take in the experience slowly, minute by minute, little by little, trying to lock every part of it and the beauty of this island away in the film of my memory.

And after that everywhere I went in Italy for the next three weeks those words echoed around me. I'd hear "piano, piano" in conversation, and yelled across the street.

And since then I've kept those words close to my heart. Knowing that everything is achievable and life feels lighter and more full of fun when I take my days slowly, minutes by minutes, little by little.

Piano, piano.


{Have you read Julie's post on doing something little each day and watching how it adds up to something marvellous, a project maybe you weren't even sure you could achieve? I love it. And I'm doing this right now on something that's close to my heart. Eventually I'm share, but for now I'm taking it slow, one little bit at a time so fear doesn't get in the way.}

Do you have a mantra to guide your days?



  1. A mantra to live by.

    These words "And gently I steer my pace back to slow. Knowing that by going slowly and mindfully I will {in the end} get to my destination {and have learnt/grown/smiled/loved along the way}." are perfection.

  2. Oh yes, wise words. I don't think anyone can truly enjoy life unless they take time to appreciate and to breathe in and out each day. I have always loved the saying "a stitch in time saves nine".

  3. wow. beautiful words. slowly is so important. x

  4. Beautiful words Elisa. Thanks for the mention. I look forward to hearing more about what you're up to, one day, in your own time. xxoo


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