Tuesday, 26 February 2013

This view

When we bought this house, I had a wish list.

I wanted and wished and hoped we'd find a place with a bedroom for each of our girls, a study to work in {and meditate in too}, an open-plan living area, a backyard large enough for a swing set and a kitchen with a five-burner stove top so I could could keep on cooking three variations of the one meal at dinner time {to accommodate for everyone's dietary requirements here}...

I was so grateful when we found a place that ticked all those boxes. In what felt like a very close call, but was actually perfect timing.

But the best part of this house is it feels like home.

We're so happy here. We were happy almost instantly. And so were our girls.

And I love most that we're really living in this house. There's mess and two little girls thumping on the floorboards as they chase each other, play hide and seek, dance like fairy ballerinas and run around roaring like lions and tigers too.

Yesterday we sat outside eating watermelon and grapes and I realised {and learnt} my favorite part of this house isn't those things I wanted in our house at all. It's being here together, and looking at the view.

Each morning I step outside, look out and the first thing I see is the sky. And it amazes me and takes my breath away at times too.

We bought this house on the rainiest, stormy day when the sky was filled with clouds {a day that looks much like today here actually}, and when I stood on the decking all I saw was a haze of grey.

But for the past few months, we've been looking directly out at a glimpse of hills and houses and a big bright blue and wondrous sky.


What do you love most about where you live?


  1. Beautiful view! I love the quiet and the peace, and the history that comes with our home.

  2. such a wonderful description of your life and house :) happy for you

  3. Elisa, I am SO happy for you and your family.

    I love the scenery the most where I live too and the peace and quiet. I also love that we're only a 10min drive to my favorite beach. But the best thing, as you said, is just being here together. xxoo

  4. I love our house. We moved here last year after two years of searching and finally, after a year of renting a small flat (and filling it with another baby) we built this one and moved in. I love that there is coffee around the corner, a cute little gated park at the end of the street, my daughter's kindy is right next to that, and I have a beautiful garden with lush grass and room for a vegie patch (autumn veg about to go in). Good post Elisa!

  5. Such a beautiful post Elisa... and a stunning view also. That sky is divine. It is a wonderful thing to fill a house with love and make it a home. It's all any of us really want from life, I think. So glad you have found that place xo

  6. Such a lovely view and thoughts to go along with it. It's hard to find what I love most about where I live as it is not an area of town I would have chosen, but I am so thankful for it all the same. I do love the creaky wooden floors and the room for our family to grow until we are able to move on. I am looking forward to our first hunt together as a family when the time comes and I have a little wish list of my own to keep an eye out for. :)

  7. So so glad I stumbled upon your blog today. I love finding kindred spirits. We moved a year and a half ago and I recently wrote a mediation on what makes a home. Many similar thoughts to yours. xxoo


  8. My community is my favorite part about where I live. I've come to love Milwaukee, the city itself. I like hearing uplifting stories, of food pantries filling up, green businesses being built, artistic endeavors. (These are stories I've heard recently.) I know we have rough spots, but I see so much potential!

    ps. Gorgeous photo. :)

  9. Yum! We haven't made these for a while, Pebble does like them, I must do them again sometime soon.

  10. Sorry! Wrong tab LOL I meant to say .... you can't beat nature as a feature of a house, no interior design or fancy pants accessories can compare to the real world. Gorgeous blue skies, enjoy :)

  11. wow, sounds like you won the house lottery :) that is an incredible view x

  12. You are so lucky to have found something that ticks all your boxes! How wonderful that you are so happy in your home. I miss that feeling. Hopefully I'll get it back soon, when I am no longer living in a rental!


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