Saturday, 23 February 2013

Turn it around {ten things}

I love how gratitude can put life into perspective.

Thinking it, saying it, writing it down.

There 's always something, someone or some little part of my day to be grateful for.

In the craziness of the past fortnight, I had to tell myself to step back and slow down.

And to remind myself {of these words} to be in the now and not worry over tomorrow. To reconnect. To be grateful.

I've found loads of ways to turn exhausted and stressed around, starting with gratitude.

And so I challenged myself this week to find ten things I'm grateful for {right now}:

1. That we have each other. And have made time for each other and fun too.

2. Our health. Everybody is healthy and happy here. Healing well {and not a sniffle in sight}.

3. The park. Three visits this week. Squeals of joy from two little girls and great exercise running after them for this mama.

4. Laughter. Making my two little girls laugh. And everyone laughing at the same time {the best sound}.

5. Yoga. I really really needed it this week. {And the inspirational conversation that followed.}

6. Thinking of you. How lovely are those three words. I've spoken them, heard them, written them and received them {in response to this post}. Thank you xx 

7. Opportunities. A few new opportunities have floated my way this week. I'm taking them {with thanks} and creating my own too.

8. Picnics. Little miss three wants every meal to be a picnic! So we're having a lot of them around here.

9. Breakfast. My favourite meal of the day. Love that all four of us have sat down to eat together this past week. Usually that never happens.

10. This weekend. And it's plans for family, friends, food and fun.


{I've done the ten things grateful challenge before - here. It definitely clarifies just how very much in my world there is to be grateful for. ~ Linking with Maxabella for the 52 Weeks of Grateful over here.}

What are you most grateful for? Could you find ten things? 


  1. Love this hon - such a lot to be grateful for with family, friends, words and life! xx

  2. There is always something to be grateful for. Even though we were having a hell of a time of it over the past few months, I never wavered from finding my 'three things' each week. I might have only blogged about one of them, but I always make sure I find my three. I am so impressed that you managed ten beautiful gratefuls. I'm glad it makes you feel so much better.

    Cheers to a good week ahead with your wonderful family and all that you have, dear Elisa. x

  3. These are some beautiful gratefuls Elisa, and well done you for recognizing them. Sometimes we are moving too quickly to see the little things.
    I'm always happy for breakfast together, a special one here tomorrow for my hubby's birthday.
    Take care sweetie xx

  4. You are an Inspiration

  5. A great list of things to be grateful for. There is always something we can be thankful for in the midst of hard times, isn't there.

  6. Ten things! Well done. It is often the little things in life that give us the most pleasure isn't it? Hope your week to come is full of 'treasure' moments too.

  7. funny in our crazy scheduled life that when we feel so overhwelmed it's just a reminder that the simple things are the best that bring us some perspective. good luck with that one.

  8. Such a gorgeous list!!! I might have to do something like this, cos I sometimes forget the little things that I need to be grateful of! xxx

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  10. I'm embracing grateful more and more - - and you and Bron are almost entirely to "blame" - so huge thank yous!!
    I really think its helping me be more content and I'm encouraging the children to think along grateful lines as well

  11. Laughter and health - two things to be eternally grateful for.
    Beautiful as always, Elisa.
    Ronnie xo


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