Friday, 8 February 2013

Where I need to be

I was sick and stressed {and stressed because I was sick} when I first found yoga.

It’s funny how that cycle played out. Stress was one of a few factors making me sick. And the more unwell I became the more I stressed about it, and the worse it grew.
Truth is ... I thought I was healthy {because I "looked" that way}. But a cocktail of rushed, little exercise and wheat-heavy food choices lead to a fast-tracked use-by date inside me. 
Eventually I snapped, and decided there had to be a way out. And a way forward that involved listening to my body {which had manifested this mess in the first place} instead of medicating it.
And that’s when yoga {and many other things – diet, natural therapies, meditation, slowing down...} came into play. 

I didn’t want to go to my first class. I thought yoga was what healthy people did. And I knew I was far from that at that very moment. But my mum dragged me along anyway. And then told the teacher I didn’t want to be there. 
And the teacher smiled, and said, “You’re exactly where you need to be right now.” She knew something I didn’t know. I knew I liked her confidence. 
And so began my journey into yoga, and learning to trust the universe and follow the path my heart chooses. And that path has led me to here {to my blog space I love} and it to motherhood and to studying meditation, and to writing from my heart {and having the confidence to publish it}. 

Today, in my morning yoga class I noticed the gentleness that becomes me when I practise each pose.
I tune into my body.
I feel grateful for my body.

I feel grateful for the very moment I am in.

I forget that I'm sharing the room with another 10 people.

I witness where I am at today, and I accept that.

I honour my body, encouraging it into every sequence but never asking it to stretch further than it can on this day.
I do nothing extra. In my one-point-five hours of yoga, I do just yoga. Nothing extra, nothing else. And that is enough. 
I breathe. Fully. And slowly. And I feel refreshed.

It took me a long time to get to here. Six years, and each time I practise yoga I learn something new.
And what I’ve learnt most is those lessons in yoga have become lessons in life. They’ve changed the way I think and feel. Changed the way I choose to be. And in gentleness, I’ve landed right where I need to be.

~ Grateful for yoga, and the many lessons learnt {and those still to learn} along the way. Linking with Maxabella for Kidspot’s 52 Weeks of Grateful over here. x

What are you most grateful for? And do you love yoga too?



  1. I've never done a yoga class (I'm almost embarrassed admitting that to you because you make it sound so right for me!)
    I do a stretchy class that incorporates yoga and pilates and I love it - for many of the same reasons you give.

  2. Oh this made me smile. I mentioned yoga in my own post today, as you know. I just WISH I could find this calm inner peace that is supposed to be there. It just makes me stress because I can't get there! I do like the great stretch it gives me, though. x

  3. What an awesome mum you have. I love how yoga makes me feel.......releasing tension from tight muscles. Bliss! I want to put more of it into my days. xxoo

  4. "writing from my heart and having the confidence to publish it. " Keep going have a beautiful way with is a gift you have been given. Xxoo

  5. This has reminded me how good I feel when I do yoga and I must force myself to do it when lying on the sofa seems so much more appealing. And ditto what others say, you have such a way with words.

  6. Oh I so need to get back to my yoga practice, thanks for the reminder :)

  7. Some friends of mine started yoga also, I think I have the same 'thoughts' as you about it. But you've certainly made it sound more interesting and beneficial. Glad you found something you enjoy.

  8. beautiful post lovely - i so want to connect with yoga like this and may try again - i always had balance issues and my falling over etc always made me feel so out of place there. catch 22 though as the yoga will help my balance so i would have to ride it out and the discomfort of feeling so awkward...

  9. I have loved yoga since I borrowed a book on it from the school library when I was ten. But I have only taken a group class once. I really want you but yes, don't feel 'healthy' enough. You make it sound so good for the soul though, maybe I should...

  10. SO happy that you found Yoga, or Yoga found you! It definitely sounds like the perfect fit! I have done yoga on and off a few times, I think if I found the right teacher I would stick with it! I really do associate Yoga with being Healthy etc, but maybe I need to change my viewpoint again and give it a go!
    As always your writing is beautiful and inspiring! xxx

  11. I would love to be right where you are now, to find that peace and balance. I returned to yoga just last week after a long absence I'm hoping it's the start to bringing more inner peace back into my life. xx

  12. That just sounds fabulous Elisa, what a journey and good on you for sticking with it, despite your early apprehension. I have only ever done pregnancy yoga, which is kind of silly, as I thoroughly enjoyed it, so am not quite sure why I didn't keep it up after the bubs were born. Time poor, I am blaming for that. Keep on loving what you do Elisa xo

  13. Sounds perfect and exactly you found yoga at the right time for you. I'm glad you get so much out of it x

  14. Elisa, I really got lost in this post, you took me on a journey! I love how I feel when I do yoga, and the plan is to get back into it more regularly this year. Thank you for such a beautiful post xx

  15. Oh such a beautiful post. Yoga really is so powerful isnt it.Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  16. I hope I discover yoga one day too....
    Such a wonderful and soothing post, Elisa.
    Ronnie xo

  17. I love your blog!! I just discovered yoga on a deeper level this weekend - I loved hearing about your journey - and hopefully I can get to a class sometime soon!


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx