Monday, 25 March 2013

Making our memories {25 things to do}

Last year I got thinking about all the memories I wanted to create with our girls.

All the things we would do together when the timing was better, the things I could show them {and share with them} when they didn't need so many day sleeps, when we weren't selling a house, when when when...

I realised quickly I was pressing pause on life. And in that moment I was done thinking memories up. I wanted to make them. And so we began.

Long walks admiring nature, and gazing at the sky.

Stopping at the sea each chance we got, just to watch the waves {and listen to them too}.

Visiting new places, and exploring them. Together.

And the more we made our memories, the more of them I began dreaming to do.

And so this year {after a late-night conversation in the first week of January about what we really want most} we made a list, my husband and I. Twenty five things in 2013. {That's just where the number landed}.

They're simple, fun, some new, some ordinary. Special because we'll be doing them together.

And while I like the idea of spontaneity, of letting life's adventures come to us {in perfect timing}. I also know that life gets busy and in the busyness life can get scheduled in.

And sometimes those schedules get filled with all the need-to-dos and the should-dos, and sometimes what matters the most never gets scheduled in at all.  
Parts of our last year turned out this way. And three months into this year and our weeks are bursting with need-to-dos and should-dos once again. But this time I'm seeing it differently.

For me, it's a reminder that regardless of what's happening, what needs to be done, what's coming up, we can make now our time. {If we choose}.
And we're already well on our way. To creating, loving, seeing, exploring, learning, being and making more memories together. 

In a way, our little list is bringing us closer to what we want most this {every} year: fun, love, joy, laughter, time together. It's slowing us down. And it's become a reminder of what's most important. Of what we can create. Of how the simple things can bring so much joy.

Here's our twenty-five for our family of four.


Splash in puddles
Swim at the beach
Watch the ocean's waves in winter
Have a picnic*
Read everyone's favourite books*
Go to a family festival/fun day*
Take a boat somewhere
Visit the zoo
Be a tourist in our own town *
Borrow books from the library*Ride on a steam train
Teach each other something *
See fireworks
Do an artwork as a family
Fly a kite
Have family photos taken
Witness sunrise
Watch the sunset
Look for shooting stars*
Watch the moon change shape over a month
Go to the movies
Go to a kids/mum yoga class
Take a photo a day for a month. Let miss three do the same. Then, get them printed.
Show our girls our wedding DVD *
Go to an adventure playground we've never been to before *


{I should add that these memories are pretty much all simple things. Most of them are free or don't cost much money at all. However, cost wasn't a consideration when we created the list, it was simply a list of fun things and memories we wanted to make as a family. But I do love that it's the little things, the simple things that we crave, that we know will bring us all so much joy. Elisa x}

*These memories we've already shared. Quite a few of them more than once.

What memories do you love to create? Do you have a similar list? xx

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  1. I love your list :) I took Sunny to the zoo last Tuesday and SHE LOVED IT! A week later and she's still walking around with her map and talking about the animals she wants to see again. I suppose I want Sunny to look back and remeber the things we did together and also the things I as a mum taught her to do... I hope she will remember things with fondness, knowing that her muma loves her very much.

    Sophie xo

  2. I love the simplicity of your list and if we had one it would look pretty much the same. We fill our days with many of the things on your list...the simple things. I do hope my little man looks back on these memories with the same joy and love we have creating them.

  3. This is such a gorgeous idea! Lovely list. :)

  4. You and I, our little families, sound so much alike, Elisa. My husband has called 2013 'The Year of Doing'. Maybe I should follow your lead and write up our list {and free up some space in my ever-clogged head!}. Looking forward to watching your adventures now that you've hit the 'play' button. X

  5. Love your list Elisa. Sometimes the simple things are often the best (that sounds familiar!) I hope you make some gorgeous memories with your little ones ;) We are hoping for some spontaneous fun this year, which as you know is hard to do with two littlies. Our trip to Canberra was the start of it, here's hoping we can get away for another adventure soon. xx

  6. Lovely list. And it reminds me I have movie tickets that expire this week. I'm off to look for a kids movie we can watch!

  7. Beautiful list! We love spending a lot of time at the beach! And it's just simply looking at the waves roll in and running away from them. Their the best memories for me so far :)

  8. Awesome list - I am so going to 'borrow' this idea. Wow thanks. Just before dinner at the crazy hour I have pangs of guilt that we are not 'doing enough'. Inspiring thoughts.

  9. The simplest activities done with love will make super meories for both of your girls! I remember going to the beach* [UK/North Sea, rarely warm] and we always took egg & tomato sandwiches which quickly added the taste & texture of sand!! Wasnt a picnic at the beach without them! * Roughly 55 years ago.

  10. Such a beautiful list - simply yet thought provoking and of course memory making.

    Nina x

  11. Such a fun list - the perfect childhood right there. I made a "sandbucket list" a while ago and I think it was as much fun to put together as it is to live it. x

  12. This is such a great idea. We don't have a list of any kind but I thinks it's a great idea. Weekends as a family seem to get so busy, I live the idea of having fun things to do together as a priority.

  13. This is so beautiful....such a wonderful reminder that it is in the ordinary that we find the miracle. The beauty. The moment searched for. Thank you. XO


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