Friday, 22 March 2013

One year {thank you}

This week marked one year since I hesitantly pressed publish on this blog. 

I'd been working up to it for a long while. Spoken about it for three years. My blog sat ready and waiting for a month before my first post.

I told a good friend when my blog was ready and that I'd written plenty but I hadn't let my writing be seen yet.

Her response: "What are you waiting for?"

I was waiting. And I had no idea.

Fear was holding me back. I wondered if anyone would read. I wondered what I would write. I wondered if I really could share words from my heart. I questioned my ability to write {despite writing being my profession}. I wondered if I could start and then stop and it could go unnoticed. I wondered if it really would give me the creative outlet I hoped for.

All I knew for sure was I wanted to write. Six months into maternity leave and I really missed writing.

But this time was different. I wanted to write my journey from sickness to health {still only part written}, my reflections on life, meditation, gratitude, motherhood and living mindfully... And the many lessons I am learning {and relearning} along the way. I wanted to write by my heart. To style-guide me.

And so I have. For a year. 115 posts later.

I adore writing from my heart, and this little space and the words I have created, but I also really love for the sense of community that exists here. I never knew this was a part of blogging. But slowly and quickly at the same time a village of understanding, support, inspiration and encouragement grew.

For that {and the amazing sense of connection it brings} I am forever grateful.


{To those who blog and have allowed me to be part of their community, thank you. To Maxabella and her awesome grateful community, thank you. I am inspired by your moments of gratitude every week. To those who read my posts, thank you. To those who have commented, emailed or spoken words of support and understanding, thank you. Your words have lifted me. Elisa xx}

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  1. Congratulations on a year!

    I just read your first post, it is beautiful. So happy you decided to hit that publish button.

    The one thing I never expected to find when I started blogging was community. Such a lovely unexpected thing that I too am very grateful for.

  2. congratulations on a year. You have provided inspiration for me and for that I thank you

  3. What a gorgeous post, Elisa. You should be proud of the wonderful space you have created here.

    Happy Blogiversary to you! X

  4. beauty. beauty-filled words. all of it. congrats on a year. hope to be in such a good place when I arrive at my anniversary. brava on all your hard work. xo

  5. Happy one year of sharing from the heart. I do think the community of blogging is the best part. So glad to have found you, if only just recently.

  6. Happy First Bloggaversary! I am so glad you decided to push the publish button, the more honest heartfelt blogs around the better 'cos they're the ones whose words and friendship stick with you while all else falls to the side.

  7. :) That is wonderful, Congratulations! xx

  8. Happy Blogging birthday! Here's to many more <3

  9. Oh Happy 1st Blog Birthday Elisa! Such a wonderful milestone and one that seems to come around so quickly once you start on your blogging journey. You made the right decision, that's for sure, your writing and your stories bring much joy to many people, I know I love popping in here to visit as often as I can. I have been amazed at the beautiful community out there in blogland also, makes the experience so very rich and rewarding. Here's to another year of heartfelt words xo

  10. Happy first blog anniversary! i have to say you are one of my favourite people in my village and i love reading along with you so thank you for being bold and hitting publish xx

  11. Happy blog birthday Elisa. It's amazing meeting people through this virtual world and finding inspiration, thoughtfulness, kind words and spirit. Here's to your next year and more. Jen x

  12. Congrats Elisa. I love your blog :)

  13. Congratulations and happy birthday to your blog Elisa. I hope the next year is as creative and full of blog friends.

  14. Your blog is such a special place Elisa - full of wisdom and calm and heart felt words.
    I often find myself mulling on your words days after
    May there be many more beautiful words

  15. Congratulations Elisa on your first year of blogging and thank you for blogging, for sharing your words with us. I look forward to hearing more of your beautiful words. xx

  16. Happy 1st Birthday Elisa! Your first post is beautiful, and touches my heart, so thank you for being so generous.
    As a newbie, I'm so in awe of this wonderful community, and feel so priveliged to be a small part of it.
    Lis xx

  17. Yay glad to have found this special place. And I really love your always feel so honest, uplifting and beautiful. Hip hip hooray to you. nat x

  18. One year of truly wonderful writing, Elisa. You had me at hello. x


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx