Tuesday, 12 March 2013

You turn my world upside down


My little miss three has been watching Mamma Mia the movie. Part of it almost every day for weeks now.
And it’s the most welcome change after a year of her love for everything Dora {and that voice}.

And Mamma Mia {or Honey, Honey as she likes to call it} is “the best show” because it lets us dance, sing and be princesses. Watching it with her is like a dancing and laughing workout. 

Other than “honey, honey lalala hmmmm lala” which gets sung a thousand times a day, I really didn’t think she’d picked up any words or phrases, rather was just loving all that singing, dancing and choreography {as our princess always has}.
Until last week. Lying in bed resting together after a long walk and visit to the park, we were both practising breathing softly, when my little miss put her hands on my face, drew me closer and said, “Mummy, you turn my world upside down. I love you.”

I burst into a smile, recognising those words from the movie. And promptly telling her she turned my world upside down and around and around too. All the time. And that I love her {forever}.
But I’ve kept thinking how fitting those words are. For me.

Motherhood {and this little one who first gave me the gift of being a mum} really has turned my world upside down. And inside out. Often, being her mum {learning, loving, growing, exploring with her} makes me dizzy {in the best way}.

Goodness, I love her. And her words.

All those little things she says {and the way her eyes express them}, I can’t help but try to preserve these moments forever.
I’ve spent the past week trying actually. Watching her, witnessing her, loving her, listening, playing. Trying to lock it all away in the film of my memory.

Most days time doesn’t feel like its moving fast, but it does feel like she’s growing so much {and so quickly} in each moment of each day.

{Yesterday I bought a journal so I can record all the little things my little miss three says. Just so I don't forget. I hope one day she will read back through it and be reminded of all the love, fun, words and emotions we share. The memories we made together xx}
Do you keep a journal of words and memories? Those little memories that mean the world in an instant, but overtime could so easily be forgotten... x


  1. I'm just embarking now in my motherhood experience but a diary sounds like a wonderful idea! I think sometimes you forget all these wonderful moments!:)Laura Perego

  2. Hi Elisa! The journal is a wonderful idea. I am taking the video camera to more places and also writing about things on my blogs so hopefully one day we can look back together and remember the things we did together.

  3. That is beautiful Elisa. I think writing these little moments down is so important, to remember them and to look back and smile at the times you had together. I used to have a little journal for both of the girls but I haven't written in it for a little while now, I do try and keep their letters and pictures, they make me I know that when they get older they'll enjoy looking back on them as much as I will. xx

  4. So beautiful. It is one thing when they start repeating words, but it is a whole other level when they put those words into context. Loving stage "three year old" for this at the moment. Such a treasure worth documenting into a journal too. xx

  5. She is such a sweet and funny little miss, no wonder you are enjoying her so much!

  6. Just so precious. The journal will be such a beautiful treasure for you and a gorgeous gift to her one day - just perfect xxx

  7. so so so sweet. I say yes to all those journaling moments. Write them ALL down. It is amazing how important it is to record it all. pen and paper, imprinted on your heart and in your mind. xo

  8. Hi Elisa, such a lovely memory. I am trying very hard to record memories too. I need to be much more regular with my journal but I have let it go lately. Instead I am doing a 365 project where I take a pic of each of my girls every day. The aim is to print a book for each of them recording each and every day. So far, its going really well (but takes more organisation than I anticipated). Erin @ bookgirloz x

  9. I love the idea of a journal to write down things she says, I'm going to do that when my little one is old enough to speak!

  10. Hi Elisa,
    Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blog Award because I love reading your blog - http://alifeonvenus.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/very-inspiring-blogger-award.html

  11. Elisa - Thank you so much for commenting on my blog today. Now you have given me the opportunity to repay the kindness and I'm so glad that I am here, reading your thoughtful, loving musings. I'll be back for more!

  12. That's gorgeous Elisa. I never bought a journal, but wish I had, some of the words that come out of "Popette's" mouth somedays are just priceless. The other day she told me "Mamma, I love you SO much!"..awww...she's so sweet, and a little princess just like your Miss 3 ;)


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