Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A little shop {a proper introduction}

Five months ago I had a play at creating some prints using my words {words inspired by life, love, gratitude and the stories on my blog}.

Inspired by my morning ritual I wrote: "Look to the sky and see wonder in sunshine, rainbows, starry nights, shades of blue, cloudy days, sunset and the full moon."

And then came words for my girls.

For the big {little} girl: "It's a sunny day every day I am with you."

And for the baby girl: "Sweet dreams my beautiful baby. I love you forever."

{These words, now made into 8inch x 10inch prints, sit framed next to the bookshelves in their room.}

I wrote these words as a reminder for my heart. Inspired by this post.

I wanted them to be the first thing I saw in the morning, so they became a print to sit on my bedside table.

Then came mantras I love: Give thanks. Dream big. Choose happiness. Be mindful. Find joy. Just breathe. Go slowly. See love. 

And {my favourite} a reminder of what I can choose to do each day:

All that was quickly followed by a request for words {Their love story began} for a bride and groom, and words {A star is born} for a special little someone who graced our family with his presence just recently.

Somehow {little by little} this part hobby, part dream {but mostly fun and my kind of creativity} came together.

And with a little portfolio of words and prints in a folder under my bed, I hesitantly decided it was okay {scary and exciting} to share them...

And so, I opened a little shop: word-art prints from the heart. Inspired by the stories on my blog.


~ I'm so very grateful {a little blown away actually!} for the support, encouragement and kindness I have already been shown. There's a link to my etsy store in the sidebar, and a menu tab above too. Or you can view my word-art prints/designs here. I plan to share images of new designs via With Grace & Eve's facebook page {not on the blog}, if you would like to join me there too. Elisa xx

~ And links to just a few of the many bloggers who create and have inspired me recently: Krystal {Jack Loves Josie, and on facebook}, Julie {Button Tots}, Tammi {Dear Molly} and Rachel {Ink Paper Sew, and on facebook}.

{Falling into place: my post on the journey of an idea to a little dream to this little shop is here.}

Have you started a new venture lately? What or who is inspiring you right now? x


  1. Oh they are lovely. Brilliant idea well done.

  2. What a gorgeous idea! There are so many inspiring people out there who inspire me daily. The up side of the tech age we live in!

  3. Congratulations Elisa, inspiring words, and lovely of you to share them with the world, all the best with your new venture x

  4. I love that you're chasing your dreams Elisa! Congrats on the new venture! I'm in the midst of developing mine too and all will be revealed soon. I think it's so important to do what you love! I have to admit I took a sneak peak into your lovely shop last night and fell in love with the 'Sunny days' quote too! So fitting for my little girls room because she is my little ray of Sunny-shine!

    Sophie xo

  5. Lovely words - as usual! 3:) <3

  6. Congrats on your Etsy shop! Love the idea of using words from your blog as your inspiration. I'm taking my inspiration from the sun at the minute - it is soooo nice to see it after so long! Happy week to you. :)

  7. Congrats on your shop, how very exciting!

  8. This is so very exciting, so happy for you. Congratulations!

  9. I think my favourites are the Love Story prints. Just too sweet. You are such an inspiration, Elisa. Keep on chasing those dreams. X

  10. Lovely, I hope your words find their way into many more homes. :)


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