Friday, 5 April 2013

Can't help but dream


I'm a dreamer. In so many ways.

As a little girl I dreamt of making a difference. I dreamt of creating change.

I dreamt of boarding an airplane that would take me far far away.

I dreamt of the day I would drive to a destination unknown.

I dreamt of sitting alone on a deserted beach with roaring waves.

I dreamt of bright blue skies and a summer that didn't end.

I dreamt of my name in print.

I dreamt of being a mother.

I dreamt of confidence.

I dreamt in colour.

And I dreamt in words.

And I've been wondering where she went.

That ambitious, dreamy girl with curious eyes and a mind that wondered, pondered and questioned, and a heart that looked for the love in everything.

Then I look in the mirror, and see she's still there. Still wondering, dreaming, ambitious and curious.

She's constantly seeking clarity. And always checking in with her heart. But she's wiser too. And older. And better at practising balance.

She's still wondering an awful lot. And full of ideas. She dreams more than ever.

Plenty of those dreams of hers have come true. But some have been put on hold, and others abandoned. New ones are created almost every day.

I can't help but dream big. So much I want to do. Learn. Create. See. Write. Hear. Appreciate. Discover.

I'm a dreamer. In so so many ways.


{Grateful for dreams - big and little, and especially when they come true. I realised, a little after the event, that a dream became reality this week. I was too in the moment to remember I'd even dreamt it up. I noticed too that some of my dreams feel so so close right now. I'm almost there. And yet others feel out of reach, but that's okay. This weekend I'll create some space for clarity - and be giving thanks for the feeling of lightness I know it will bring. Elisa xx}

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Are you a dreamer too? Do you dream big? And what are you grateful for right now? x

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  1. Big dreamer, always have been.

    Grateful for so much right, friends, spending my days with the best little man in the world, sunshine, being loved and loving right back.

  2. Beautiful post Elisa. I'm a bit of a daydreamer, always have been, and no doubt always will be. That's wonderful that you are following your dreams and getting closer to some of them xx

  3. Dreaming keeps us striving to grow into our own. I have always been a dreamer and I am sure I always will be. I heard some random lyrics the other day, "keep on dreaming even when it breaks your heart" and felt touched by them. Sometimes dreams can be hard when they aren't attainable, but we must keep with the dreaming if we are to stay true to ourselves, and one day those dreams may even come true too.

  4. Lovely! I was a dreamer too when I was a little kid. I can see this same trait in my eldest which is really wonderful. Thanks as always for a thoughtful post. Erin x

  5. So beautiful Elisa - I could relate to so much...I'm a dreamer too, always. And this post helped remind me (again) of my dreams that have come true. Being a mum. Having more calm. Being able to enjoy beautiful autumn days outside & not having to 'work' at the moment. Thankyou.

  6. Lovely words. Enjoy the space and watching those dreams come closer.

  7. Ah, lovely words Elisa..I always find myself so drawn in by what you write.
    I too am a dreamer, always have been always will be :)

  8. Beautiful. I could have written this myself. Word for word. I get it, totally.

  9. Love this post Elisa. I just wrote about my dream, too. Every week I come to visit I feel that we are in such a similar place!

  10. Beautifully written as always Elisa.
    I've always been a big dreamer, and wouldn't have it any other way! I'm so grateful that John is a dreamer too, but just a little more realistic luckily :)
    I definitely always encourage Bell to follow her dreams, and have always told her that anything is possible.
    Keep on dreaming, gorgeous girl!

  11. beautiful post. I hope that many of those dreams have come to pass or do some in the years to come.


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