Thursday, 18 April 2013

Falling into place

An idea wondered about for long enough that it becomes a dream.

A dream given time and action, enough for it to become a possibility.

Work that's fun and creative, work that's part-love, part-new, part-adventure. Work that's not work at all really.

But work is done and plans are made. And still she wonders if she should let this little dream see the day.

Just one little idea, she could so easily throw away.

She ponders that option, and then she considers giving it a chance to thrive.

And so she plants that little dream like a seed into her creative soul, and she nurtures it with a little love, a load of fun and allows it a spark of possibility.

The universe responds with lashings of support, whispers of encouragement. She feels surprised, and grateful.

And she watches how her creations grow, at the same time threatening to make it all come tumbling down.

And then amid hesitation and thoughts of failure and embarrassment, she halters. She thinks, what if they like it as much as I do? What if they think it's ... good?

And then a little voice from deep within her yells "You can do this" and "It's okay to try something new."

And as she thinks about those words her concentration slips. She dips out of her doubting mind and into a soul that knows how to soar and a heart that dares to dream...

She floats there for long enough to offer life and her dreams {even the little ones} a real go.

She decides in herself to believe.

She decides to stand back and stand out of the way.

And just like that, it all falls into place.


{I've been on a little journey of sorts this past few months. Having a battle of heart and mind, pondering dreams and dreaming when I'm not. Yesterday I opened a little shop to accompany my blog. It's a bit of fun, and my kind of creative. But as the story goes, it's taught me a lesson or two in stepping out of my comfort zone, and away from fear. Feel free to check out my word-art prints ~ inspired by the stories on this blog ~ here. And I'll write a proper introduction for this little venture soon... :) Elisa xx}

How do you feel about stepping out of your comfort zone? When was the last time you gave something new a go?



  1. A huge congrats to you, lovely lady. Such an exciting time for you. X

  2. You have such a beautiful way with words Elisa. Congrats on following your dreams and opening a little shop..I spy a few quotes there that would be right at home with me :)

  3. Congratluations!

  4. Congratulations, Elisa! xxx

  5. Beautiful piece Elisa. And the shop sounds very exciting. x

  6. Well done Elisa! Beautifully written as always. Good luck with your new venture. Erin x

  7. Oh the shop looks lovely Elisa - I wish you every success

  8. Beautiful piece!

    Congratulations on the shop. Just added it to my favourites and can't wait to take a little look around later.

    Good luck!

  9. When I was growing up my parents had a blackboard on the side of the pantry, and right at the top it, my Dad wrote "Never Give Up on Your Dreams". I wish I had asked him what his dreams were. As a busy Mum my dreams have been put on the backburner, I hope to get back to them one day. :)

    Congrats on the shop! I love your blog and sure to love your shop too! Wishing you all the best with it. xx

  10. Congratulations on your shop Elisa, you've put those fears I too had into words so well. Have fun with your new venture x

  11. This is wonderful Elisa, congratulations on your new venture, for following your dreams and stepping out. May it bring you much success and happiness.

    It has been a while since I have stepped out of my comfort zone, I know to grow that I need to make more of an effort for me I find that a little hard thought I must try. xx


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