Sunday, 28 April 2013

Holding them closer

It's been quiet here, and busy at the same time. I've slept cuddled up to one or both of my little girls for more than a week now. They've been on and off sick. And I hold them close each night knowing that I'm not going to sleep that well at all. A part of me sleeps while a part of me lies constantly awake listening to their breathing, ready just in case they need.

Miss three holds my hand as she falls asleep saying "promise do not leave" and even accompanies me to get a glass of water in the middle of the night. Miss 18 months lays on top of me, one little arm tucked around my neck and the other twisting strands of my hair through her fingers as if drawing me closer and holding me tight at the same time.

In our touch, closeness and embrace comes love, safety and comfort. And as we fall asleep I hold them closer telling them I love them forever and no matter what, and that they're getting better bit by bit in each moment of each day. And I give thanks for the love we share, and that health is almost always our usual state. And I wonder a little if the time will come when I too will need them to hold me close, tell me I'm loved and that it will all be okay.


~ Linking late with the 52 Week's of Grateful here. I'm grateful for sleep, holding my girls close, health even when it's not here, birthdays {mine today!} and amazing dinners not cooked by me xx

What are you most grateful for right now? How has your week been?


  1. Gorgeous Elisa. Hope your little ones are back to good health soon. xx

  2. I hope your little ones are feeling much better soon! Happy birthday also. I hope that you get a lovely big scrumptious dinner cooked for you :)

  3. Beautiful imagery, I felt like I was being cuddled just reading this!

  4. Many Happy Returns of the day!
    As usual, your words enthral me and sends lovely shivers down my spine!

  5. Birthday wishes to you lovely lady x

  6. Happy birthday Elisa!
    I hope your little possums are feeling better soon. I still have Bell in my bed when she's not well, just so I know I'm close if she needs me. xx

  7. Oh what a beautiful piece about motherhood and unconditional love... I felt all tingly and warm inside thinking about my little ones too in time of need... you are such an awesome mom... Happy Birthday!

  8. Another gorgeous post Elisa, thank you. I hope your girls are feeling better. xxoo


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