Friday, 17 May 2013

Embracing change {seeing colour}

This year I made a wish for one thing. One big thing. But I didn't give my wish clarity. I did give it my heart.

The universe has responded with lashings of support and an abundance of wishful wonder. So much so it gave me four things in response to my one wish. Four things piled on top of each other and alongside each other and fighting for moments all at the same time.

And it's left me feeling oh-so-grateful, refreshed, excited and dizzy and cloudy-headed at the same time. So, I find myself seeking clarity and re-introducing myself to slow lately.

It's as though when the season changed to Autumn, a shift occurred within me and around me too.

And so I've retreated to nature {with my camera} these past weeks to walk in the grass, feel the leaves, really notice the colours around me and look up through the tree branches, but mostly to find clarity and embrace change. Miss three has collected leaves in every colour she could find. And it feels as though the changing colours of those Autumn leaves are telling me my story.


{Gratitude for wishes come true, clarity, change embraced and seeing Autumn colour. Joining the gratitude community at Maxabella's 52 Weeks of Grateful. Elisa x}

Have you made a wish lately? What are you most grateful for this week?


  1. lovely thoughts and beautiful images... lately I am afraid to wish, but I continue to forage for my wishes none the less. Grateful and grateful for your soul filled posts.xxoo

  2. You deserve the extra gifts you have been given. xxx

  3. Beautiful photo. Happy for you. xx

  4. I love that photo! I do feel occasionally that I have too much going on, but don't want to let go of anything. Once I slow down, time flows differently and everything seems to fit in. Hope it happens that way for you, too.

  5. I'm thinking that maybe clarity might come after embracing the slowing down...I know it helps me see more clearly
    Your words, as always, are mesmerising

  6. Beautiful! No wishes lately, but maybe it is time for one or two :) Most grateful for simple days at home with my family.

  7. Elisa I hope the clarity you're seeking comes to you. I think having our little ones around can sometimes put everything in perspective when we least expect it. xx

  8. Lisa has said it all. All I can say is that I love reading your moments of mindfulness. I think we all should be taking the time to slow down rather than letting all the things we need to get done take us on a ride where we feel we have little control. Autumn is a beautiful season for a bit of mindful photography. In fact, I think I might take a leaf from your book and go take some photos myself. xx
    PS. Im flogging your blog today as part of my #sharingthebloglove week (on twitter) which is a thanks for all of your supportive comments since I first started writing in February.

  9. You write so beautifully Elisa I hope through your slow days that you find the clarity that you are seeking. I am so happy to hear that the universe has given you so many wonderful things:) xx

  10. I love your blog! Im happy the universe has conspired to give you what im sure you rightfully deserved.
    Following you. Hope you can follow back. :)

  11. Such a beautiful post, I too am embracing slowing down. It's been such a magical experience and one I'm truly grateful for.
    Sophie x


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