Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Little moments {that are big to my heart}

Little things are making me happy this week. It's always the little things, isn't it? Or maybe the little things are the big things. I say they're little because mostly they're just fleeting moments or thoughts, or just one minute of my whole day and sometimes everyday ordinary experiences... but to my heart, they feel big. And in my mind, I try to lock away that feeling and hold onto moments and memories in the hope they may forever feel new.

... A trip to the park with just the little girl. Her strength and determination to climb the ladder, and her excitement at going down the big slide on her own. Those big eyes shining even brighter and bigger, her cherub face bursting into that one-dimple smile.

... Stopping in my tracks to look down {when always I look up}. Feeling grounded, connected and happy with my place right now, right here in this world.

... Cloud watching in the morning, and spotting that same funny vertical cloud hours later in the afternoon. Being reminded that sometimes things change quickly before you get a chance to fully appreciate them. Giving thanks for opportunities and experiences that get to be witnessed, enjoyed and experienced a second time, and sometimes again and again.

... Miss three and I looking at ourselves cheek-to-cheek in the mirror. Laughing together. Holding hands. Brushing each other's hair. Consciously stepping back for a moment to really see her, to really listen and take her in.

... A shift in my mindset allowing new possibilities to enter my world. Then accepting new opportunities, and giving thanks.

... And after a day of tantrums came these words from miss three: "You're the goodest, bestest beautiful mummy I've ever heard."


What little moments feel big to your heart right now?



  1. The little things are very important - small stepping stones to eventually reach the larger ones, etc.

  2. I fear that I've already lost so many little moments - and yet thankfully there are more every day.
    A little hand reaching for mine and a little squeeze for comfort as we walk into kinder.
    Sparkling eyes and smiling mouth at the discovery of a new dressing gown at the end of the bed.
    A job done without asking and seeking no acknowledgment.

  3. Oh yes, the little things, they make me smile at the end of the day.

  4. A lovely post on mindfulness Elisa. I particularly love that sweet moment at the end of your day which makes it all ok. My daughter tells me she "very loves me", which is nice to hear! x

  5. Having the ability to soothe my little one when she crys

  6. Love these. Just such beautiful snippets of your life. I just found a note from my son that says "dear mom, you are the most playful mom." Love that little one of mine (& his older brothers too). xo

  7. today - coffee and lunch with a friend, book discoveries at the 2nd hand shop, vintage glassware, cloud cover and breezes

    xx deb

  8. Little things are very important in life:)

  9. Oh yes, those little moments when everything is just as it should be. I love the little moments with my boys and reading your blog reminded me of them.
    Thank you xx
    I wish you a day full of wonderful little moments!

  10. love that self portrait of you two! And to hear those words from a little one, how amazing! You're one lucky mamma xx

  11. That last compliment your little one paid you is heart melting :) xx


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