Friday, 31 May 2013

Out of balance

I had a post ready to go about balancing work and motherhood and my thoughts and feelings as I walked out the door to work...

And then this week happened and it's thrown me. I had the balance of mixing work (from home two days a week) plus study and mothering down pat when it was just one cherub to love and care for each day. But with two cherubs and one point five days a week of paid work I seem to be a little lost.

I've got to-do lists longer than I want to share. And this week I've combined adrenalin-racing spurts of rushed with mindful and still pockets of slow. And I feel like I'm doing a little of everything but not a lot of anything. I do feel like I'm doing these little things well, except maybe the housework...

And this balance curve ball has got me thinking. A lot.
About what I really want.
About what makes my heart sing.
About keeping myself in balance.
About living a life I love.
About what needs to be done. And what really doesn't.
About how I spend my time.
About disconnecting. To reconnect.
About what I can achieve now. And what I can trust there will be time to achieve later.

As I drove home tonight and reached our street I looked up at my favourite tree pausing to watch how its branches play out against the sky, and that's when I realised that sometimes balance needs to get mucked up and turned upside down and tossed about. Just so you can refind balance. Reconnect. Make changes. Start again.


{Grateful for the clarity that came out of a lack of balance, and for work opportunities but mostly for the days I get to spend at home with my girls. Elisa x}

~ Linking with the gratitude community at the 52 Weeks of Grateful

Do you reassess balance? And what's making you most grateful this week? x


  1. So true Elisa and such a real reflection of the questions that rattle through our minds. Im about to embark on this same question journey in time to come. Thanks for sharing your perspective. D

  2. I read something today along the lines of 'it has to go wrong for it to go right'.... Had to go and fetch the quote for you: "Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realise that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge" - Eckhart Tolle. So incredibly helpful, don't you think. x

  3. I am hearing you Elisa, your week sounds like my last two weeks! Crazy, unbalanced, but helping to find my way and loving those days at home with the kids. Hope the week ahead is a little more balanced for you.

  4. All the time. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches

  5. I am with you, and the housework is what I have let slide this year to keep it all up without sacrificing my needs xxx

  6. Oh yes! Fingers crossed you refined your balance soon.

  7. I had a huge reassessment of work/life balance last year, after finding myself seriously fried something had to give. I have a much better balance now (working 2 days opposed to FT) and even though my head is still full of to-do lists I feel much more free then when I had a full plate.

    I hope you find some reprieve from the crazy busy over the coming weeks Elisa.

  8. That is a wise tree!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  9. This is such a lovely post Elisa. I'm constantly reassessing my balance, and wondering when I'll get it just right. But then I kind of think that it's all about what you need at particular times. xx

  10. Hi Elisa - great to discover you via Deb from Home Life Simplified. I loved your tree description - I always think that trees sway in the breeze, bend into where they need to be and balance is a lot like that. And I am so with you on the housework!! I shocked myself today as we were going nearby my house and I showed a work colleague our fairly new carport and front entrance as she is planning to renovate - I warned her inside the house was messy and shocked myself with how bad it was...he..he

  11. I've been thinking about balance a lot lately, and to me it seems like it has to come from the inside. Like in dance - balance is knowing exactly where your weight is and having a strong core, and then you can do all kinds of spinning and jumping and movement.

    1. I love these words and your wisdom so much Tat. Thank you for sharing it with me xx


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