Monday, 13 May 2013

Then & now

It seems a lifetime ago that I wasn't a mother. But really it's just three point five years. Life was so very different. I was making changes, heading in the direction my heart is now. Thinking about where I wanted to be, and wondering how life would unravel.

A part of me still wonders about the path my heart chooses, while a part of me tries to soak in life just as it is and not look further than the now.

Balance is tricky. And it's something I'm constantly working at. Some days it feels like I have it sorted, other days it's a little of a mess. But as I move forward and return to work part-time I find I'm reminding myself to witness where I am at any given day, accept that some days will be more productive than others and to stop more often amid the messiness and busy times to just be.

Making it all work is challenging but even on the harder days I'm telling myself that I am indeed making it work and creating {thanks to much support & love} a life I adore.


{When things have got busy these past couple weeks, we've stopped to head outdoors and look up at these golden leaves above. Oh, and I was over at Bec's At Penny Lane on Sunday for her Mums Making It Work series talking a little more about life then & now. Elisa xx}

Do you look back at life then & now? And do you find yourself stopping amid busy times to just be?


  1. Yes, I look back at life regularly - think it comes with age - and discover why some decisions were taken even though I knew they weren't right. Have a lot of things to change in the next incarnation to get on a good track!

  2. Finding that balance is tricky! I think we may have been feeling similar lately... I'm glad you're taking time to stop and enjoy moments too. xo

  3. Oh yes on the looking back, especially today as we celebrate our anniversary. At this point in my life I can look back with a certain appreciation for everything that has brought me regrets.

    As for the balance and finding time to be...always working on that :)

  4. All the time, back and toward the future. I think it is natural. But I also try to stay very much in the present, it helps the balance x

  5. Balance is tricky. Sometimes I find myself striving for it too hard and then I realise in order to get it i have to release my grip. Hardest thing to do at times though xx


Thank you for your words and support. I'm so glad you stopped by xx