Thursday, 6 June 2013

Beauty within

I've been taking the time to stop and look around lately. To reflect. To look, and really see. To choose to see love. And beauty. And wonder. Even amid busy. And frustration. And rushed. And ugly situations. And seemingly chaos.  

As I look to the sky each day I find myself getting lost in it's expansiveness, and beauty, regardless of the weather. Little miss three has observed my sky watching and followed suit. I tell her the sky has beauty within regardless of its mood on any given day. 

And as I adjust my view to see beauty and love in the ordinary everyday, I'm reminding myself that sometimes I really do choose what to see. And that things aren't always what they look like. But that I can choose first to see from my heart. To look for beauty within {moments, experiences, the everyday}. 

{This week I'm grateful: for the beauty and wonder that has come from moments in the everyday, that I have work in a week where I have heard about too many redundancies, that as the weather gets colder I know I will never ever really be cold, and for the many little reminders that steer me further towards the direction of my heart. Elisa xx}  

~ Linking with the gratitude community at 52 Weeks of Grateful x

Did you look for beauty {or love or wonder} in your today? And what are you most grateful for right now?


  1. I'm grateful for the fact I have some beautiful friends in Oz, and can talk to them about how I'm feeling and my hopes for the future.
    And, when I really needed to talk to someone who understands pain, she was actually at work this morning so could take a few minutes - whilst working, of course - to sympathise. She recently changed her position in the shop from manager to assistant so she could do what she does best - talk to the customers!

  2. I have been in this place lately too, reminding myself, not just about what I see, but also what I speak, hear, and how I react, I have a choice, each and every time. It is empowering.

  3. i have been reflecting a lot on the "choose what to see" idea too lovely - and i have been loving all your IG photos of the sky!!

  4. This is an absolutely gorgeous post. I am very grateful for the reminder :)
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  5. Love it Elisa - I really was grateful for the big blue sky here in Oz when we returned from a year living in Canada, and love your pic of tree roots - I find gratitude and inspiration in trees all the time (read slightly obsessed). I'm grateful that I just published my 100th post - there's a giveaway if you want to check it out thanks to the lovely Lisa of Random Acts of Zen.

  6. You never fail to inspire me with your words, Elisa. Nor do you neglect to remind me to be grateful and enjoy ever moment. Thank you. X

  7. You are just so wise Elisa
    Always reminding us of the important things
    And you're so right about being able to choose what to see...its one of the major messages of most of the teaching/counselling I do

  8. I usually have to slow down to see beauty in everything. I'd love to learn to see it in the middle of chaos. Sometimes I do, sometimes it evades me. I guess it just takes practice.

  9. Beautifully written (as usual). The cooler weather is making me grateful for the warmth in my life too. xx

  10. You write so beautifully....this post especially speaks to me. I once was told by someone that I needed to learn to live with my "eyes wide open." I didn't understand at first what she really meant but have to come to learn to see the beauty in things instead of glancing right over them. It truly is a lovely way to live.

    So glad I found your's been a pleasure reading through all your posts.


  11. What a beautiful writer you are! So glad I found your blog. What a great post and something I need to be more mindful of. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I'm truly amazed at how choosing the lens through which I see the world has changed my life so much for the better. Love the way you've written this, I can relate so much x

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