Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Princesses wear dresses

She chooses her own outfits.
Princesses wear dresses, she tells me. Every day.

I call her my baby.
She tells me she's a big girl now.

I shower her in kisses.

And she says: That's enough, Mummy.

She asks: When will I be as big as you Mummy?"
Too soon, I reply.

She wants to get married. To her Daddy.
He hopes she never changes her mind.

I tell her I love her.
She says she loves me more.

She's so eager to grow up.
But I'm just not ready for her to.


{Images by me: The view walking hand in hand with my big girl; She likes to walk ahead; But always she looks back.}


  1. It does go all too fast doesn't it? I looked back at my little man in the car the other day, and he is so big, a boy now, not a baby. Although he will always be my baby :)

    So important for us to be present and to enjoy and savour every moment.

    Beautiful images.

  2. Awww! That is so sweet. I love the line "She walks ahead but she always looks back." I wish my baby would always look back to me even when shes all grown up.

  3. Elisa those were the sweetest words I've read in a long time! This reminded me of my daughter inside out! Isn't it funny how they are so eager to grow up and all we want to do is hold onto their baby-ness forever and ever!

    Sophie xo

  4. awwww. WHY do they grow up?!! WHY?!!!! XXX

  5. Love this post! I feel exactly the same as you.. when I look at my little man I hope he will stay this cute and chubby forever.. and that he will always look at me the way he does now..

  6. So beautiful Elisa...I so relate to this one. Tonight, my daughter put tulle over her head. Daddy, will you marry me? She asks. xxx


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