Saturday, 29 June 2013

Winter sunshine + {ten things}

I've given myself a ten things gratitude challenge a few times now. For different reasons. Each time it's been an opportunity to reflect, and tune in with my heart. In the beginning though, it was inspired by an article I read about what we focus on we create more of. That I believe. 

But each time I sit down to do this challenge a part of me wonders if I can actually find ten things I am grateful for right now in this moment. Always I do. And often I surprise myself with my grateful list. And most often it's the simple everyday things that I find myself pausing to give thanks for. The little moments that make my heart sing...

Winter sunshine - The days have been chilly, the air icy and the sky the brightest of blues almost every day this week. The sun always shining. We've been basking in its warmth, and I know I'll be a little lost when winter's rain and stormy days are finally here.

Lemons - It's a running joke in our family about how many lemons I go through - at the very least one a day in my tea (lemon and hot water). And finally our three-year-old lemon tree has given us an abundance of lemons. I'm as excited as I am grateful. 

With my princess - We've been having some one-on-one time when the littlest miss sleeps. Painting finger nails, doing puzzles, drawing, gardening, counting clouds.... I'm trying so much to take my big girl in just as she is now, but each day she seems to have grown up a little more, always changing, always learning something new. 

Body messages - I've had a few subtle messages from my body these past weeks. A sore throat, tiredness, tightness here and there. I've tuned into these signs, given thanks for their warnings and reflected on their meanings and the changes they have called me to make. I'll be forever amazed by the growth and healing our bodies are capable of.

Listening - I had to remind myself to step back, stop and to listen with my ears and heart to an independent little miss three before I speak this week. And she's listened just as beautifully back. 

Rhythm - While the weeks are filling quickly it feels like we've hit a nice rhythm here - a perfect mix of fast and slow, quiet and loud. With large doses of time filled with family, fun and laughter. 

Family - A day at the market with my sister, a family dinner this weekend, winter walks with my girls and a cooking masterclass with my mother in law. So grateful to have family close by.

Sleep - I've had more sleep hours in a row these past three months then I managed in the 18 months prior. Extremely grateful my baby girl is now sleeping through. 

Thanks - I've received the most beautiful thank yous after sending out my prints this month and all I can think and feel is I am just as thankful for the support.

Books - I have so many books on my reading list right now yet feel drawn to read the same ones again and again. The same words read yet felt, learnt and interpreted differently each time. I love that.


{Want to be challenged? Thinking about giving the ten things gratitude list a go?  Leave a comment below, or record your list for yourself at home. If you do blog a gratitude x 10 list, love you to leave a link in the comments. Elisa xx}

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  1. A beautiful list Elisa. Sleeping through - huge one. Huge. Yay for sleep!

  2. Lovely Top 10 Elisa :) I'm grateful for spending time together as a family. We've had Daddy home with us for 2 weeks holidays and it's been lovely spending time together and having fun :)

  3. A beautiful list. Aren't lemons just the best. x

  4. I love your list Elisa, particularly the body messages. They're always there; it's just whether we choose to listen. I've had so many lately that I've struggled to work out the meaning behind the messages. But I'm hoping if I don't over think things and let it unfold, the answers will come to me. Love your 'perfect mix of fast and slow, quiet and loud'. x

  5. I loved reading your list Elisa, your writing is so gentle.
    It's wonderful that you've had some lovely family time, and also time alone with your little doll. x

  6. That is a lovely list and I can connect with pretty much each of them.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  7. A beautiful list. It does pay to stop and think once in a while doesn't it! Kate x

  8. Gorgeous list Elisa, just lovely to read :) I love the 10 things challenge, I'll give that a go this week on 'gratitude Friday' ;)


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